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7 Gemstones Flower Of Life Silver Pendant - REDUCED

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7 Gemstones Flower Of Life Silver Pendant - REDUCED

This pendant gas 2 carnelians, sacral (sexual) chakra gems. Chakra pendants resonate with the chakra of the corresponding colour frequency to heal, balance and energise,
Garnet, citrine, blue topaz, iolite, amethyst.and carnelian x 2
Handpicked natural gemstones. 5mm (centre) and 4mm, set with open backs for maximum energy transfer to the wearer. Sterling silver.

The Flower of Life  is one of the oldest sacred symbols known to man, the oldest being at least 6000 years old. It has been found in ancient temples in India, China, Israel, Japan, India, Turkey and Europe. Within the Flower of Life is the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, the Vesica Piscis and Metatron's Cube.
40mm,  6  grams

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