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Astrology Compatibility

Astrology compatibility with gemstones or partners is dependant on how well placed the planet is positioned in our personal chart, or in the case of partners, the position of both peoples chart and their relative compatibility. Wearing or carrying the appropriate, quality gem of our most favourable planets will considerably enhance all its areas of influence.

To find your real "birthstone" or perfect partner, a professional astrologer can scrutinize your birth chart to give you the information you need.

Partner Compatibility

The charts of both people are studied in depth to give a realistic assessment of compatibility, both short and long term.

Partner Compatibility

A simple "yes" or "no" in these matters ignores the intricacies of relationships. The strengths and weaknesses of each chart must be analysed. Vedic astrology is the most sophisticated system for finding the right person, taking emotional, psychological and sexual compatibility into consideration. This puts you in a uniquely informed position to make some of the most important decisions in your life.

By strengthening the most positive aspects of your chart with gemstones, we can diminish the bad karmic results, amplify the good ones and extract the most favourable experiences from our mixed results. Talismans of this type have been used and recorded by almost every civilization that has ever been.

Gem Compatibility Astrology Profile

Listed here are the major planets, the gems they rule and their main areas of influence.

The Sun
Ruby, garnet, pink tourmaline, red spinel.

The Sun is the natural planet to look to when you want further information on your physical body, your father, and males in your life in general.
A strong sense of self-worth, social prestige and the determination to succeed are dependent, not solely but in generous part, on a well
positioned Sun.

The Moon
Pearl, moonstone.

The Moon is the natural planet to look to when you want further information on your psychology, your mother, and women in your life in general, as well as your chance of finding happiness, material comfort and mental peace. For a woman, this planet plays a huge part in determining whether she will become a mother and whether the experience will be a fulfilling one.

 Golden Topaz

Yellow Sapphire, golden topaz, citrine, heliodor.

Jupiter is said to be the most beneficial planet of all. We look to this planet in order to find out how good karma is to be reaped in this lifetime. Jupiter has influence over finances, luck, children, religion, guru, legal affairs, intelligence and the ability to teach. A strong Jupiter generally imparts wisdom and strong spiritual inclinations.


Gomed (hessonite garnet), orange zircon, spessertine.    

In Western astrology this subtle planet is known as the North Node of the Moon (the South Node is Ketu).Gomed

Challenging by nature, this planet tends to cause great longing as well as frustration of desires. What shape the desires and frustrations take depends on where Rahu is placed in the birth-chart, what planets and/or houses he aspects, and what aspects are made to him from other planets. During Rahuís planetary period you come face to face with yourself. If Rahu is in a strong position according to sign, house and aspect he can award great material power and achievement.


Emerald, peridot, green tourmaline, green jade, diopside, tsavorite.

Mercury is the planet governing intelligence, learning and communication. From the position of this planet we can deduce whether or not you will find it easy to take in information and whether you will be able to apply that information in a practical way. Memory is also governed by this planet, as is manual dexterity.

Diamond, white sapphire, clear quartz, clear topaz, clear zircon.Clear Topaz

Venus is also a very beneficial planet when well placed. Wherever this planet is placed you will tend to seek or reap enjoyment and sweetness in that area of life. This planet represents the spouse, usually more so for a man, whereas the Sun and Mars are stronger indicators for a woman. It also represents the quality of married life for both sexes, and whether fulfillment will be found in one to one relationships in general. Itís strength or weakness offers information as to how able you are to give and receive love, as well as forgiveness. It also represents all of life's material luxuries Ė delicious food, nice clothes, jewellery and adornments in general. A strong Venus awards charisma, creativity, artistic ability, and also grace.

Cat's eye chrysoberyl, tigers eye, cat's eye apatite, chatoyant tourmaline and beryl.

The other subtle planet, Ketu always sits directly opposite Rahu. If Rahu inhabits the seventh house then Ketu sits in the first house, and so on.Tigers Eye


While Rahu represents your very apparent material desires, Ketu represents your more subtle desires Ė those aspects of your nature that you are not always aware of. This planet governs the unexpected, and Ketuís aspect tends to have a distorting effect on the planet in question, causing the energy of that planet to manifest in an almost compulsive way.


If Ketu is powerfully positioned then, rather than creating confusion and distortion, the planet allows you to see through deceptions, particularly those created by the material world, and awards spiritual realization and a longing for real spiritual liberation.


Blue sapphire, amethyst, indicolite, blue spinel, lapis.Amethyst

This planet tends to bring you challenges and restrictions even when very well placed
, although then you tend to have the necessary maturity required to overcome and succeed. Sometimes referred to as Ďthe great teacherí, Saturn tends to have a hand in delivering to you your tough karma. Whichever area of life, indicated by house position, that Saturn arrives in it is there that you will learn some of your toughest lessons and be required to work hardest.

Saturn governs length of life, work, employment, and employees. Sometimes the planet gives an indication as to what type of work you will do.
Saturn also rules the older members of your family and elderly people in general.

When well placed Saturn awards humility, wisdom, devotion, compassion, determination, and an excellent attitude toward serving others.

Coral, carnelian, bloodstone.Carnelian

Mars is the natural planet to look to for further information on physical stamina, motivation, courage, sexual strength, passion, brothers and sisters, and whether you are likely to use your energy constructively or destructively.

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