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Brandberg Amethyst Flame Enhydro - Harlequin Quartz

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Brandberg Amethyst Flame Enhydro - Harlequin Quartz
  • Brandberg Amethyst Flame Enhydro - Harlequin Quartz
  • Brandberg Amethyst Flame Enhydro - Harlequin Quartz

Ethically hand mined Brandberg Amethyst Flame Enhydro

Harlequin Quartz is made of both amethyst and red lepidocrocite, which combine to produce this colour and frequency unique Brandbergs. This Harlequin Quartz is an ethically mined healing crystal. The little African red clay on the rear can easily be removed if required.

"Brandberg Amethyst is a stunning and unique variety of Quartz crystal found only in Namibia, Africa - a mystic blend of Amethyst, Clear and Smoky Quartz together in one exceedingly high-vibrational crystal. Formed where powerful Earth meridians cross, this mineral is imbued with remarkable phantoms, enhydros, and other rare formations and inclusions. It is a potent talisman of healing and perfection with the capacity to restore one back to their etheric blueprint, the energetic state that existed before the soul’s journey began, in order to realign with the Divine Source. Brandberg Amethyst attunes to pure consciousness and is the most versatile and multi-dimensional healing tool on the planet, unparalleled in its beauty, energy and light.” Judy Hall.

33mm,   12 grams

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