The Chakras

7th: Subtle element: Intelligence. God consciousness, spiritual intelligence

6th: Subtle element: Mind. Seeing, inner vision, intuition, comprehension

5th: Element: Ether. Communication, expression, higher will 

4th: Element: Air. Love, surrender, balance, acceptance, devotion

3rd: Element: Fire. Will, personal power, perseverance, emotions

2nd: Element: Water. Physical vitality, sex desire, earthly emotions

1st: Element: Earth. Physical body, survival, past impressions

Chakras are subtle, dynamic energy vortexes and are as much a part of our bodies as arms or legs. You can't see electricity, but when you turn on the light, you see its effect. The chakras can similarly be understood by their effects. Physical organs and maladies in the area of a chakra can be treated with stones of the colour relating to that chakra. It is not surprising that our subtle energy centres are especially connected to the physical body in their location. A basic example of this would be using green stones like chlorite or peridot to treat heart or chest conditions, as that organ is influenced by the 4th, or heart chakra.

The logic is that as gross matter manifests from subtle energy, so strengthening the chakras in the problem area would be a good start. Another point, is that while the organ may be healed conventionally, if the underlying energetic imbalance is not addressed, the condition may return. A man may have a heart attack and blood thinners keep him going, but if the causes are not addressed, stress for example, there's a good chance of more heart problems.

Chakra Healing

Find a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed for at least 10 minutes, turn off your phone. Lay on your back and breathe deeply and slowly as this relaxes the body and slows all physiological functions. If the sound of running water, certain music or other practices relaxes you, include that technique at this point. Imagine a healing white light entering the body on the in-breath and all stresses and negative energies leaving the body on the out-breath. This is not just imagination, energy follows thought. This prepares your body to receive maximum benefit from the energy of the stones.

Place each stone on its respective chakra. Both the location of the chakra and correct colour are shown on the above charts.

You may want to imagine the chakras as glowing sphere of the appropriate colour. As a prelude to meditation or spiritual practice do this upwards, from 1 to 7. For general health or to "set you up" for the day, do the exercise downwards from 7 to 1. This stage is an extra and not essential if you would prefer to just relax or even snooze. The colour and energy of the stone will naturally resonate with each chakra, restoring structure, harmony and balance to your entire system.

Another additional amplification technique is to place a hand (or hands) over each stone for a few minutes each. Visualise energy in the same colour as the stone, passing through the stone and entering into the chakra until you can clearly visualise that chakra as a large, glowing sphere of the appropriate colour.

Alternatively, use inward pointing quartz crystals, 3 around each stone. If you have many quartz points they can be placed around all the chakra stones, if not, one at a time, preferably in conjunction with one of the above visualisations.

Concentrate on the chakra closest to the area in which you have a physical problem. Similarly, concentrate on the chakra that governs qualities you may want to develop - see the keywords below. Have a clear intention of your desired result. Remember to briefly cleanse all your crystals in cold running water after a few sessions. Leaving on the earth in sunlight will also help to keep their energies strong and pure.

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