The Chakras

7th: Subtle element: Intelligence. God consciousness, spiritual intelligence
6th: Subtle element: Mind. Seeing, inner vision, intuition, comprehension
5th: Element: Ether. Communication, expression, higher will 
4th: Element: Air. Love, surrender, balance, acceptance, devotion
3rd: Element: Fire. Will, personal power, perseverance, emotions
2nd: Element: Water. Physical vitality, sex desire, earthly emotions
1st: Element: Earth. Physical body, survival, past impressions

Chakras are subtle energy vortexes that move and express our essential life force. This life force is known by many names. Taoists call it chi, Indian yogis call it prana, in Polynesia ruach, in Hebrew mana and baraka in Islamic countries. In Japan this life force is called ki, from which the word Reiki is coined, rei means higher power. In the West Dr. Wilhelm Reich used orgone and bioplasma was used, and scientifically measured, by Russian researchers.
The chakras are as much a part of our physical form as neuro transmitters or nerve impulses. These can't be seen any more than our chakras, but we accept their existence on the authority of modern day science. You can't see electricity, but when you turn on the light, you see its effect. The chakras can similarly be understood by their effects, which are usually taken for granted until something isn't right. When this happens their are a variety of treatments that help the chakra system heal, but the easiest is probably a traditional use of stones and crystals. Depending on their colour, stones possess the same frequency as the individual chakras.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla

It is not surprising that our subtle energy centres are connected with and influence the physical body and specific organs in their general location. A basic example of this would be using green stones like chlorite or green aventurine to treat heart or chest conditions, as that organ is influenced by the heart (4th) chakra. Pink stones like rose quartz can also be used in this area. Similarly, orange stones can be used on the sacral (2nd) to treat the stomach area.

In relation to the emotional attributes these two chakras possess, the heart unsurprisingly deals with love and compassion and the sacral chakra determination, sex drive and physical vitality. Placing stones or crystals of the corresponding colour, as shown in the picture, acts like a tuning for to bring the chakra back to its normal, healthy condition. The solidity of stones means their structure is held together by powerful energetic bonds. It is the frequency of these energetic bonds that give stones and crystals their healing powers.   


Rinse the stones briefly under cold running water. This removes any subtle contaminants. Find a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Lay on your back and breathe deeply and slowly as this relaxes the mind and body. If the sound of running water, music or other practices relaxes you, include that at this point. Imagine a healing white light entering the body on the in-breath and all stresses and negative emotions leaving the body on the out-breath. This is not just imagination, energy follows thought. The placebo effect is proof positive of the considerable transformative powers we all possess.

Place each of the chakra stones on their respective chakra. Both the location of the chakra and correct colour of stone to use can be seen on the above picture.

It can be useful to imagine the chakras and stones as glowing spheres of the appropriate colour. Picture the more vibrant colour of the stones spreading through the coloured sphere of the chakra until they merge as one clear, glowing unit. The colour frequency energy of the stones will naturally resonate with their corresponding chakra, restoring structure, harmony and balance to your entire system with the minimum of effort.    


Placing quartz crystals alongside or surrounding the chakra, pointing inwards will naturally amplify the coloured stones as well as adding their own healing energies. 

"Quartz can provide for conversion and redirection of the energy towards a beneficial state. It produces a naturally balanced, solid-state energy field, modifying the energy available. Quartz crystals can be used to clear and activate the energy centres of the body." Melody, "Love is in the Earth".

You can also place stones on individual chakras to heal physical particular problems in that area. Or you may want to concentrate on the chakra that governs qualities you may want to develop. More on that use of chakra stones here. Have a clear intention of your desired result. Remember to briefly cleanse all your crystals in cold running water after each session. Leaving your stones and crystals on the earth in sunlight will also help to keep their energies strong and pure.

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