Crystal Healing

Crystal HealingCrystal healing, in some form or another, has been recorded by most older cultures. Most had deeply rooted belief systems that supported holistic ideas and methods. However, without this cultural foundation, crystal healing has largely become an area of faith and "flakiness". You either "believe" crystals can heal or you don't, with little or no rational explanation of how it might work. Here we will briefly look at some aspects of this cultural foundation that previously helped us identify patterns in nature and ourselves that underpinned holistic ideas of healing.

The qualities of numbers was one such cultural understanding. The first number that springs to mind with most crystals is 6. Most of us will have seen a common quartz crystal, each and every one has 6 sides. In cross-section they are hexagonal, at the molecular level they are hexagonal. As science slowly abandons the idea of particles of substance, in favour of energy waves and patterns, they are seen as hexagonal geometrised light-energy. So the idea that the number 6 has something to do with the healing properties of quartz, may not be the first place we might have looked, but it's in line with an older way of thinking, of decoding the natural world we perceive. 

Our biggest failure is our failure to see patterns. - Marilyn Ferguson, American writer

Ancient mystics and philosophers understood numbers and their "qualities", through arithmetic and geometric properties. They saw number and geometry archetypes everywhere, as we can today. More importantly however, they knew how to read this living book of nature, understanding how principles from what Plato called the plane of ideas or the causal plane of Vedic philosophy, manifest their patterns and qualities in this world. Living in the world without insight into the laws of nature is like not knowing the language of the country in which one was born. Numbers have now been reduced to mere indicators of quantity.

The number six was understood to indicate material perfection and optimum structure, function and order. Wherever we see the number 6, we can understand that at least an element of perfection is being realized. For the bees hexagonal architecture, it is maximum storage volume using the minimum materials and space. Where crystals are concerned, the area of perfection is more subtle, on an energetic level. Energies are brought back to optimum structure, an example would be the use to which the electronics industry puts quartz.The electronics industry does not use quartz because it is pretty, but because it structures electrical energy precisely, so precisely you can tell the time by it! The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony, the organisation of chaotic energies into their structured optimum. 

Crystals provide one of  the most fixed frequencies known to man. These frequencies are quite literally "as solid as rock." 

Like a tuning forks sets the standard for musical notes, the steady vibration of crystals sets the standard for the pristine natural "notes" of this world and the human body. The introduction of any stronger, more fixed vibration into any energy field, will have its influence, so how can crystals not effect the human energy system?

Most people have now forgotten how to see how many of our "primitive" ancestors did. The effect is not just having a few less mystics wandering about. Many people just can't see the point. Open a newspaper or watch the news if you are not sure what I mean.  How will a technologically advanced society help people in this situation? It's scientists will prove how intelligent you are in seeing that life is just random chemical combinations that got lucky. Misused technology may have brought the earth to the brink of ecological disaster, but hey, we can hurl big metal things into space and get 600 channels so it's not all bad. 

Who carved the nucleus, before it fell, into six horns of ice? - Johannes Kepler, 17th century astronomer and mathematician.

Snowflake "It is so perfect", is a thought that will have crossed many minds when looking at the snowflakes.

It is hard to look at a snowflake and think that the universe is nothing more than the product of a chaotic explosion. The number 6, the hexagon - in snowflakes, crystals and honeycombs -  speaks of order, intelligent design, balance and harmony - material perfection, reflecting a higher causal perfection. Material perfection is the key numerological understanding of the number 6.

The ancient Greek philosophers understood the Hexad,the archetypal principle of "sixness", in these terms.

The perfect, in geometric and mathematical terms, structure of crystals is the key "signature" that helps us understand them. This practice of seeing this "signature" in plants was used by herbalists and was ridiculed as childish by the scientific establishment. In time, the pharmaceutical industry found the observations of the herbalists to be true through rigorous experimentation and is testing the works of many reputed herbalists who employed this method.

Although "childish", the doctrine of signature worked. The proof for the pharmaceutical companies was that most convincing of all evidences - hard cash.

The patterns are there if we know how to look. See crystals with these eyes and we can begin to utilise their great gifts. Part of this holistic vision was an understanding of numbers not as quantities, but qualities.

For those wanting a simple, practical method see our chakra information and chakra kit pages. For those wanting an even simpler method, see our gemtsone jewellery, all you have to do is wear it. If our energies are in contact with natures tuning forks, our system can be nudged back into harmony.