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Himalayan Herkimer golden enhydros derive their name from the unique pockets of golden liquid they contain.

Enhydro translates literally from Greek as water within. These are crystals that contain pockets of pure liquid, mysteriously trapped many hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Water has been found in chalcedony, agate and quartz and is usually perceived by the presence of moving air/gas bubbles. Very occasionally, the water can be perceived by the movement of floating inclusions, sometimes there is nothing moving, making the enhydro difficult to recognise.

The pictures below show something we have never seen before, all these crystals contain pockets of a uniformly, golden liquid! The uniform colour and manifestation in an entire batch, rules out some random oxidization or inclusion. There is obviously something special going on here. This was confirmed when a geologist involved in oil exploration contacted Kacha Stones to ask if I knew just how rare these golden enhydros were. He had come across some on his travels in Afghanistan and being a scientist, tested some. He gave the following information.

"The UV fluoroscope is a standard well site test for natural crude oil in drill cuttings and cores. The colour of crude oil varies considerably (mostly dark brown), but lighter oil can be various shades of yellow. The fluorescence, however, (bright intense yellow white) is very typical of high gravity (Brent, Azerbaijan, W. Africa) crudes. The fluorescence of the Golden Himalayan Herkimers is very intense with a halo of fluorescence appearing against a dark background."

This raises many questions, but the most important to the crystal enthusiast who has realised that all the varied crystalline forms and colours have their metaphysical significance, is this... what do they do? Of course there's no single "right" answer, but the geometry, colour, location found and the known properties of quartz and oil can be considered to give many clues.

The geometry varies from crystal to crystal (channelling, transmitter etc) but they are all DT's. The primary characteristic of which is instead of simply amplifying energy they contact, like single terminated points, they produce it themselves.

The extraordinary thing in terms of colour is the unique golden-yellow liquid. Yellow is associated with the emotional chakra (solar plexus), thus indicating the resonance of these golden enhydros with that energy centre. Gold has many significances. It represents purity and perfection, hence the saying "as good as gold". Gold is also the colour of spiritual love, shown by the golden effulgence and halos of Deities and saints. This has been represented in the art of diverse cultures.

Yellow is also the colour ruled by Jupiter, the planetary archetype for expansion and knowledge. The Sankrit word for Jupiter is guru, which literally translates as "heavy with knowledge".

The location of quartz, found almost everywhere, is the key to its particular "mood". These crystals were mined on the Indian side of the Himalayas, although the exact location is unknown. The Himalayas have long been associated with the yogis and mystics who live there, and in Vedic cosmography is the location of Mt. Meru, a higher dimensional mountain, said to be the central, pivotal point for the entire universe. The "non-visible" portion of Mt. Kailash in Western Tibet is revered as the home of Siva and Parvati.

When quartz is included in the equation, we understand that the energies involved are potent, structured and most importantly, easily able to interact with the human mind. Native Americans didn't call quartz the brain cells of Grandmother Earth for nothing.  

And finally the most unusual ingredient...oil. Oil, and its control, literally runs the planet. It is raw power produced from the ancient decay of organic material. The Suns energy transformed.

The synthesis of the above basic elements and their resultant qualities is the tough part, but one understanding can be summarised as follows. 

These crystals powerfully produce a very high vibration energy that humans can utilise to help clear, heal and perfect our emotional bodies. Ultimately this means transcending the stifled emotions associated with over-identification with temporary gender, occupation, family and nation. Freeing our natural loving propensity, the perfection of emotion, to reside on the spiritual platform, its natural home.

Liquid in general, water in particular, has long been accepted by shaman and mystics of diverse cultures, as being associated with the emotions. The most basic reading of the signature of these crystals then, is that they are powerfully associated with emotional health and its highest forms of expression.

Emotional health is inseparable from physical health, even orthodox medicine recognises that our emotional condition has measurable physiological implications. Both the earth and our bodies are around 70% water. Analyse the impetus for action and you will see it is primarily emotional, i.e. motivated by the emotions. More information on water and its properties. 

In Nature, water that cannot move becomes stagnated - as emotions that cannot be expressed stagnate. Enhydros contain water trapped in very limited space, but the water has remained clean and pure for millennia. 

Part of the signature of these crystals, indicates a transmutation and purification of the emotions, even if those emotions "stagnated" in the difficult circumstances many face.

These golden enhydros are the brightest crystals we have ever seen, true Herkimer quality quartz with characteristic black inclusions. Most are about 1/2" (1.5cm), with the biggest around 1" (2.5cm). They display an array of metaphysical formations, from Dows to manifestation crystals. Most noticeably, these have the highest concentration of Isis crystals we have seen, indicating not only their ability to strengthen the "feminine principle" and intuition, but it is also believed that Isis crystals are specifically meant for interacting with humans. The other name for the five sided face formation being Human crystal.

All quartz has its unique mood. Not surprisingly, these rare Himalayan crystals are powerful metaphysical tools. We are proud and excited to present these unique and beautiful crystals.

Kacha Stones has over 80 years combined experience in mining and working with crystals and we have never come across anything like these. 

It would be hard to exaggerate the unique beauty and properties of these stunning gems.


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