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Quartz, Structured Water & Health

Earlier cultures understood water much better than we do today. Pure water was treasured. The ancient Chinese saved water in jade vases, Incas and Aztecs in obsidian jars and African witchdoctors used quartz. One thing modern research has now proved, is that the high silica content of all these minerals allows water to keep its structure and prevent it from becoming "weak" and polluted.


Natural water found in springs, rivers or lakes has its outer electrons complete. This is one of the keys to healthy water - how many electrons the water has or doesn't have. "Unstructured" water, simply put, is missing one electron from its outer orbit and "structured" water has no missing electrons.

At the University of Georgia they found that in every human body all diseased cells (no matter what the disease) were surrounded by what is called "unstructured" water. And they also found that every healthy cell was surrounded by "structured" water.

Water can be de-structured not only by the addition of harmful chemicals but also by its now almost universal transportation. When it moves through pressurized pipes it is forced to move in an artificial way instead of its natural spirals. When water moves through pipes it forces the outer electrons to be removed, creating "unstructured" water.

This means that all water that we drink or bathe in that comes from pressurized pipes is associated with disease. And when we bathe in water we absorb through our skin 16 ounces in twenty minutes! It is the same as if we drank the water. Perhaps mankind has now made a similar mistake to the Romans with their use of lead plates and utensils.

Water, the lifeblood of Mother Earth, is much more than hydrogen and oxygen. It is a mysterious, crystalline living entity which nurtures all life on Earth. It is a powerful carrier, mediator and producer of energy. It has the ability to link, transform and carry physical elements and subtle energies. Flower and gem elixirs are a good example of the latter. Over 70% of our bodies and the planet is water. The necessity of healthy, structured water cannot be exaggerated.

A Simple and inexpensive way to safely and effectively structure water

What You Need:

1) 6 quartz crystal points (single crystals) of any size.
2) 1 double terminated (DT, a point at each end) quartz crystal of any size (optional).
3) A clear glass container (a glass or bowl).
4) The purest water you can find. Donít be discouraged if this is not ideal, we can only work with what we have! The following process will certainly make an improvement to any water.
5) A clear intention to restructure and energise the water. Quartz and water interact with the mind (more on that
here), so try this optimum results.

What You Do:

1) Clean the crystals by holding them under cold running water for a few minutes.
2) Fill a plain glass bowl with water.
3) Place the double terminated crystal in the middle of the water.
4) Arrange the 6 points equally around the container (facing in), to form a hexagon.
5) Visualize the points charging the DT and the water with vital, healing energy.
6) Visualize the DT charging the water with vital, healing energy.

Steps 5 and 6 in both of these lists are not essential as quartz crystals will structure the water anyway. However, it does amplify the process and allows the more experienced scope for more precise intentions.

Leave this arrangement where it will be undisturbed for several hours or overnight. If you are leaving it outside, cover with a plain glass sheet to prevent contamination.

For those wanting an even easier method, place a single, quality quartz crystal in a glass of water overnight and drink every morning. You will soon feel the benefit!

The Union of Water & Earth by Rubens.

Drink the water every day. Give it your partner, children, pets and plants.

Make fresh daily. Research has shown that even naturally structured spring water loses its energy when placed in sealed containers for over 4 hours. Storing with quartz crystals in the container will maintain the water structure indefinitely.

In Rubens painting The Union of Earth &Water, all opulence is possible when the earth and water are pure, as indicated by gods of plenty and victory.



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