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Silver Capped Black Tulasi Beads

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Silver Capped Black Tulasi Beads

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Hand carved Tulasi wood beads hand set in silver.

One plant is almost universally appreciated above all others by the yogis, mystics and saints of India's many and varied spiritual traditions, Tulasi Devi. The botanical name is Ocimum Sanctumsanctum meaning holy. Devi translates from Sanskrit as goddess. The Sanskrit Vedas of ancient India describe her as the archetypal (original) forest goddess.

Deepens all meditation and yoga practice profoundly.


"Oh Tulasi, just by touching you, one's body becomes pure. Any person who makes beautiful japa mala [meditation beads] or neck beads out of Tulasi wood, and uses them, even if they do not perform any worship of Sri Vishnu, all of their activities become unlimitedly fruitful." Skanda Purana (3000BC)

  Length: 600mm / 24"  Bead size: 3mm (approx.)


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