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Handmade Larimar Silver Necklace

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  Handmade Larimar Silver Necklace
  •   Handmade Larimar Silver Necklace
  •   Handmade Larimar Silver Necklace

Handmade with love at Kacha Stones

A 5mm Larimar in a unique Sterling silver necklace.. 

"Larimar opens creativity in the throat area, helps soul mates to find one another while healing negative karma between soul mates and lovers. Allows for open communication between soul mates. This is an exciting healing stone which I feel should be worked with on a continual basis. I find Larimar to not only aid communication in relationships, but it also gives me a strong sense of peace. It is very calming, which is no surprise since Larimar is from the Caribbean. Brings tranquillity of water/sea and air to heart and mind. Soothes and uplifts hurt, fear, depression, the pain of life, changes with love. Self-expression, patience, acceptingness, simplicity, creativity, artwork. Pleasantly uplifts the heart and eases stress." Melody, Love is in the Earth. 

33mm,   6 grams,  22"/56cm Sterling silver chain.

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