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Handmade Moldavite Gold Necklace

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 Handmade Moldavite Gold Necklace
  •  Handmade Moldavite Gold Necklace
  •  Handmade Moldavite Gold Necklace
  •  Handmade Moldavite Gold Necklace
  •  Handmade Moldavite Gold Necklace
Handmade with love at Kacha Stones

3 Genuine Czech Moldavites wrapped in solid gold wire. Beautiful colour and clarity and guaranteed REAL Moldavite.

3 x 13mm Moldavite gold wire wrapped pendants on an 18" solid gold chain.

Moldavite is one of the rarest materials on earth and only the one of truly extraterrestrial origin! Created when a huge meteorite hit central Europe over 14 million years ago. Guaranteed genuine Czech Moldavite.

"Moldavite can put you in touch with the Ascended Masters and cosmic messengers. Holding the stone up to the light and gazing into it shifts your consciousness. Judy Hall.

"Moldavite holds immense potential, for direct inter dimensional accessing of higher dimensional galactic energies, to draw into the earth plane those thought patterns and light vibrations which are optimal to one's preparation for ascension and illumination. It expands the scope and magnitude of the vibrational spectrum... an expansion of vision within the vibrational territory to which one has ventured, and/or one will be provided with the interconnection with the multi-dimensional horizons not yet experienced." Melody, Love is in the Earth.

13mm Moldavites on an 18" Gold Chain

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