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Himalayan Quartz Sphere - Special Offer!

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   Himalayan Quartz Sphere - Special Offer!
  •    Himalayan Quartz Sphere - Special Offer!
  •    Himalayan Quartz Sphere - Special Offer!

Ethically mined Himalayan Quartz

Hand-mined high in the Himalayas, the home of yoga. A beautifully bright and energetic Quartz sphere. 

There is a measurable increase in alpha brain waves after holding quartz for half an hour. Over a longer period of time, there is an increase in theta and delta brain waves.

Alpha: ESP is initiated and healing is enhanced at 7 14 cycles per second. 

Theta: Deeper state ESP and healing is greatly enhanced at 4 7 cycles per second.

Delta: All ESP states are awakened, total memory, total suggestibility and powerful healing occur at .5 to 4 cycles per second. 

40mm,  77 grams  

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High vibe high energy crystal.
Prime S.

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