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Omasheko Black Phantom Enhydro DT

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 Omasheko Black Phantom Enhydro DT
  •  Omasheko Black Phantom Enhydro DT
  •  Omasheko Black Phantom Enhydro DT
  •  Omasheko Black Phantom Enhydro DT
Ethically hand mined Brandberg Quartz

This is a beautifully formed DT with a rare Black Phantom.

Omasheko Brandberg crystals are from a remote location in the Brandberg Mts. This unique Quartz formed in calcite which later dissolved, creating attractive etching. The energy amplifying properties of calcite make Omashekos the most physically energetic Brandbergs.

"Black Phantom Quartz Crystals are very unusual. They provide the energy of the quartz, coupled with the property of grounding; this grounding is via the perfect alignment of the physical energy centres, which occurs with the use of this mineral. Hence, with a black phantom crystal, one does not require an additional stone for grounding."

"The growth interference quartz crystal has been used to bring access to the astral, ethereal and higher planes, in order that one may remove barriers and may understand the patience of step-wise progression. It can assist in proceeding through traumas and changes with ease promoting understanding. Melody, Love is in the Earth.

40mm,   28 grams

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