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Auralite 23 Crystal

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Auralite 23 Crystal
  • Auralite 23 Crystal
  • Auralite 23 Crystal

A beautifully formed and translucent Auralite crystal with phantoms.

Auralite enhances healing and intuition and is useful in all types of energy work. Auralite can be used on all chakras, it powerfully stimulates the flow of kundalini energy.  

Discovered in the " Cave of Wonders", 800km north of Thunder Bay in the Boreal Forest of Canada. From ancient deposits over 1.5 billion years old (the Meso-proterozoic age), making Auralite one of the oldest crystals ever found.  


 X-ray diffraction has identified 23 minerals, though much of the crystal comprises amethyst, citrine and a rare green quartz. The high percentage of metals in Auralite is believed to be the result of ancient meteorites that crashed into the Earth. Over time, these elements dissolved and seeped into the earth, becoming concentrated in certain locations. The presence of gold supports this idea.           


"Auralite feels like a dissolving of one’s cares and worries  - a release of patterns of anxiety, resentment, judgment, depression and defeat.  As this dissolution occurs, one feels an upliftment of one’s spirit and an awakening to the potentialities for a new life. This rising of optimism and new hope is felt all the way into one’s cellular consciousness. The body itself is awed and made reverent by the clearing of the veils of illusion and the dawning of the presence of one’s true self, one’s Higher Self.” Robert Simmons, Stones of the New Consciousness.


140mm,   237 grams

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