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Brandberg Harlequin Isis Bridge DT

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Brandberg Harlequin Isis Bridge DT
  • Brandberg Harlequin Isis Bridge DT
  • Brandberg Harlequin Isis Bridge DT

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

An unusual combination of formations in an energetic Brandberg DT.

"Harlequin Quartz containing red dots or strings of lepidocrocite. It provides a beautiful "dancing" energy, which when activated, stimulates the energy flow on all levels. It can be used to stimulate the base chakra and to provide for a direct pathway between the base chakra, and the heart chakra; it can hence be used to direct and to intensify natural proclivities. It activates all of the qualities of the base chakra, the heart chakra, and the crown chakra, and provides physical energy and vitality to the physical body. It further stimulates the healing qualities of the heart and the associated attributes of loving consciousness. It can also be used to balance the polarity of one's body with the higher bodies and to open and balance the meridians of the physical body, stimulating alignment of the physical and ethereal nervous systems. Melody, Love is in the Earth.

35mm,  6 grams

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