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Brandberg Amethyst Flame Self-Healed Rainbow Enhydro

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   Brandberg Amethyst Flame Self-Healed Rainbow Enhydro
  •    Brandberg Amethyst Flame Self-Healed Rainbow Enhydro
  •    Brandberg Amethyst Flame Self-Healed Rainbow Enhydro
  •    Brandberg Amethyst Flame Self-Healed Rainbow Enhydro
  •    Brandberg Amethyst Flame Self-Healed Rainbow Enhydro
Ethically hand mined Brandberg Quartz

A museum-grade (pristine) Brandberg with lavender Amethyst flames, nice rainbows in a DT passenger and a moving bubble. Although fairly centrally situated and with good movement the bubble is tiny and may take a while to spot. It was impossible to video. Tilt from side to side in bright light and your eye will be drawn to the movement.

The ancient geology of this part of Namibia dates back an inconceivable 135 million years. This means Brandberg enhydros have contained water for over 1.2 million years! The vibration of pure, ancient water, amplified by the surrounding quartz, is powerfully healing.

"The enhydro assists in metamorphosis and continued change throughout all times, it provides for the concentrated determination of both the acceleration and the ease of reformation of self. In healing, it is useful to have an Enhydro available; it assists in bringing the body to the state or specified condition that one is attempting to attain. Enhydros contain life-sustaining energy; initiating adaptability in situations that could, otherwise, become stressful. Strength to help other minerals perform in a requisite manner." Melody, Love is in the Earth.

The Brandberg Mountains, basalts and quartz lattice a staggering 132-135 million years old rise out of a red desert to form the highest range in Namibia. These mountains have always been held sacred and are famed for ancient rock paintings and engravings. The indigenous Damara people named the mountain Dâures, which means "Burning Mountain". Brandberg is German for "Fire Mountain", because of its unearthly orange glow at sunset. The Herero people named Brandberg, Omukuruvaro, "Mountain of the Gods".

Our Brandbergs are direct from local miners who dig only by hand, leaving the sacred mountains undamaged. Our long-standing relationship with the Gobobos miners means we are able to offer the largest selection of the finest ethically mined Brandbergs.

58mm  ~   2 1/4"   ~  54 grams 

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