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Chakra Bracelet with Toggle

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Chakra Bracelet with Toggle

Bright natural chakra stones with a toggle fastener. Corresponds in colour with the 7 major chakras.

Garnetcarnelian, citrineperidotblue topaz, iolite and amethyst

The chakras are energy centres that serve as an interface between the gross body, subtle bodies and consciousness. They receive, assimilate and express our vital life force, prana or chi. When they are healthy and working in a balanced way, we experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. When the flow of our vital energy in one or more of the chakras becomes restricted or even blocked, we are unable to experience optimum health.

Chakra stones resonate with the chakras, acting like tuning forks to restore a natural, healthy frequency we experience as health and happiness.

220mm   8.5"

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