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Golden Enhydro Herkimer Diamond Quartz

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Golden Enhydro Herkimer Diamond Quartz
  • Golden Enhydro Herkimer Diamond Quartz
  • Golden Enhydro Herkimer Diamond Quartz
  • Golden Enhydro Herkimer Diamond Quartz

Ethically hand mined in Hindu Kush Mts. of Afghanistan

This super bright Golden Enhydro has an amazing interior. With a loupe, you can clearly see the rare crystal shaped hollows of the rare Negative Manifestation formation - at least a dozen of them! These look like tiny golden crystals, many containing tiny bubbles and some like "regular" Manifestation crystals. If it were not for the tiniest of dings on one point, this exceptional crystal would be museum grade and cost considerably more.

As the liquid oil is in these rare crystals is the condensed solar energy of billions of ancient trees and sea creatures, Golden Enhydros are extremely energetic. Sunshine in a crystal!

"Golden Enhydro Herkimers contain bubbles of liquid oil millions of years old, Enhydros symbolise the collective unconscious underlying and uniting everything, bringing about deep emotional healing and transmutation. Golden Enhydro Herkimer is a rare stone that is incredibly energetic. An excellent developer spiritual gifts that stimulate the third-eye, clearing implants and removing restrictions placed on spiritual sight in this or any other life. A powerful healer for the solar plexus and for emotional disturbances that have been carried over many lifetimes, Golden Enhydro cleanses the emotional body blueprint, creating emotional wellbeing. Judy Hall, Shamanic Crystals.

12mm,    11 cts


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