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Grape Agate - Botryoidal Amethyst

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Grape Agate - Botryoidal Amethyst
  • Grape Agate - Botryoidal Amethyst
  • Grape Agate - Botryoidal Amethyst
  • Grape Agate - Botryoidal Amethyst
  • Grape Agate - Botryoidal Amethyst

Ethically hand-mined in Indonesia

Grape Agate is a beautiful and relatively new crystal from the Mamuju Area of West Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. The Indonesian government only allowed its export in 2016.

The name "grape agate" stuck as a marketing term, but these are not agate. The most accurate name would be Botryoidal ( from the Greek word "botrus”, which literally means a bunch of grapes) Amethyst, but it doesn't roll off the tongue like Grape Agate.

Whatever we call this, these grapes have a stunning three-dimensional form and sparkling lustre. With magnification, each individual "grape" has a crystallized drusy surface. The "grapes" range between around 4 and 7 mm across. Although purple is the predominant colour, some specimens have white, grey, green and even blue grapes.

"Sedative and calming, Grape Chalcedony cleanses perception, identifying what is important, helping you sit in stillness. Composed of tiny spheres naturally bonded together, comforting Grape Chalcedony is perfect for creating a peaceful community. This tranquil stone has a gentleness within its somewhat spiky exterior that assists you in letting down your defences and opening your heart to peaceful cooperation. It draws together like-minded people who work for the good of the planet and who may need mutual support in challenging times. It reminds you that, even when you seem to be totally alone, there is always support available from the spiritual realms. A stone of inspiration that encourages trust, Grape Chalcedony facilitates finding your karmic strengths.” Judy Hall.

48 x 35 x 10mm  ~  1 3/4"  ~  14 grams


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