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Organic Citrus Hojari Frankincense

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Organic Citrus Hojari Frankincense
  • Organic Citrus Hojari Frankincense
  • Organic Citrus Hojari Frankincense

Ethically and traditionally hand-harvested organic, pure resin from the Dhofar region of Oman. For much of its 9000 years of history, Hojari frankincense was harvested exclusively for royalty. 

First grade, large tears  full of fresh and sparkling citrus notes; light, ethereal and airy, a wonderfully refreshing frankincense.  

Research by  John  Hopkins  University and the   Hebrew  University in  Jerusalem indicated burning frankincense activates certain mood-enhancing ion channels in the brain. Ion  channels, found inside brain cells called microglia, play an important role in transmitting nerve impulses and regulating cells, transporting nutrients and ions, activating T-cells and releasing beta-cell insulin. Several clinical studies have shown that modifying the activity of ion channels with frankincense reduces depression. 

As well as the many health benefits, this frankincense will cleanse your crystals and aura, protect your home and enliven your mind and senses. 

"Frankincense accesses a higher state of consciousness, connecting the individual to universal spirituality. On a practical level, with its ability to still the mind and deepen the breath, it aids contemplation and meditation. Frankincense, the ancient pathway to prayer, still has the potential to enable the soul to soar.  Frankincense: Oman's Gift to the World,  Juliet Highet.

Comes in a reusable biodegradable hessian bag with drawstring.


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