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Large Welsh Quartz Cluster

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Large Welsh Quartz Cluster
  • Large Welsh Quartz Cluster
  • Large Welsh Quartz Cluster
  • Large Welsh Quartz Cluster
  • Large Welsh Quartz Cluster
Ethically mined in Wales by Kacha Stones

No matrix, just 3KG of energetic, intertwined crystals including many DT's. The heaviest single Welsh Quartz ever mined.

"Quartz clusters serve to bring the "group” energy of the associated crystal to the surrounding environment, enhancing harmony and peace in groups, in the family, and in other social and/or business environments.” Melody, Love is in the Earth.

As quartz from Tibet, India or Africa has its own unique mood, so does the Celtic quartz of Wales and Ireland. Combined with our unique approach to mining, cleansing and the storage of crystals, developed over the last 20 years, the result is exceptionally energetic healing crystals.

Celtic Quartz is ethically and consciously hand mined by Kacha Stones in relatively small numbers. We take great care to leave the environment completely undisturbed, mining with nothing more than intuition, a trowel and a bag. Mining doesn't get more eco-friendly than this!

22cm across, 15cm high,    3KG

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We have provided the finest ethically mined healing crystals for over 20 years. We always keep in mind how crystals are mined, handled, stored and shipped affects their energy.

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