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Natural Rudraksha and Sandalwood Mala

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Natural Rudraksha and Sandalwood Mala
  • Natural Rudraksha and Sandalwood Mala
  • Natural Rudraksha and Sandalwood Mala

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Natural Rudraksha and Sandalwood yogi beads.

While meditating on how to relieve the troubles of the world, tears of compassion fell from Lord Siva's eyes. These tears sprouted into the sacred Rudraksha tree. For thousands of years, yogis, mystics and Saivites (followers of Lord Siva) have used these beads for japa (chanting mantras), meditation and protection. 

Sandalwood is a calming, cooling, soothing and fragrant wood. It attracts higher vibrations, clarifies perception and promotes a calm meditative state. Sandalwood has antidepressant, antiseptic, insecticidal and sedative properties. It can boost the immune system to aid healing or prevent illness. 

"Five faced Rudraksha is the form of Lord Kala-agni Rudra (Siva). This Rudraksha delivers all liberation and fulfills all wishes." Siva Purana.


Length: 500mm / 20" Bead size: 8mm (approx.)

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