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Omapeleki Brandberg Negative Manifestation Enhydro

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Omapeleki Brandberg Negative Manifestation Enhydro
  • Omapeleki Brandberg Negative Manifestation Enhydro
  • Omapeleki Brandberg Negative Manifestation Enhydro

Ethically hand mined Omapeleki Brandberg quartz.

This stunning mini-cluster comprises two main crystals. One characteristically bright, with several tiny crystal shaped water pockets, rare negative manifestations. The other exhibits refined calcite growth interference, where quartz is etched and sculptured by a long dissolved calcite. The combination of the properties of both crystals, amplified by dozens of tiny "ice crystals", is uniquely energetic.

Omapeleki's are mined in the remotest regions of the Gobogobos mountains, making them extremely rare. They are brightest of all Brandbergs.

Negative manifestations possess the properties of "regular" manifestation crystals and enhydros, in addition to their own, little-understood properties. This lack of information is largely due to their rarity, but also a result of the subtlety of their inter-dimensional nature. This formation represents a world within a world.

"The Manifestation Quartz Crystal can be recognised by a small crystal totally enclosed within a larger crystal. These crystals are quite rare. These crystals can also be used [as well as in manifestation] to facilitate artistic creativity, creative thinking and to increase or decrease any aspect of one's life. Melody, Love is in the Earth.

70mm,  55 grams

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