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Pyrite Concretion

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  Pyrite Concretion
  •   Pyrite Concretion
  •   Pyrite Concretion
  •   Pyrite Concretion

Ethically mined in Mongolia. FREE shipping ~ limited time offer! 

This unusual crystal being is a huge naturally occurring Pyrite Concretion. Bands of Pyrite in a rock sphere. Rare.

Concretions are found in sedimentary rock or soil, often ovid or spherical in shape. They generally form around some type of nucleus, usually early on in the burial history of the sediment. This makes them harder than the surrounding host sediment. Record of these geological curiosities dates back to the 18th century. They were often confused with fossils of dinosaurs, plants, humans and extraterrestrials. The name concretion is derived from Latin; con (together), crescere (grow).

"Pyrite possesses a defending quality and is an excellent preventative which will shield one from many forms of negative energy. Simply having a piece of pyrite on one's person brings in the protective, shielding aspect of this stone which works on the physical, etheric, and emotional level, due to an energy field it creates within the aura. It is a unique protector and an excellent stone to keep in one's possession". Melody, Love is in the Earth.

15cm across, 14cm high,    6KG

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