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Self-Lighting Charcoal Discs

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Self-Lighting Charcoal Discs
A packet of 10 discs of activated charcoals. Activated charcoal is easy to light and burns evenly.

Place on a heatproof surface. Light one edge of the charcoal and leave for 1-2 minutes. Place the frankincense directly on the coal and change your world.

"And rare Arabian odours came, through the myrtle copses, steaming thence, From the hissing frankincense, whose smoke, wool-white as ocean foam, 
Hung in dense flocks beneath the dome, that ivory dome, whose azure night, With golden stars, like heaven, was bright o'er the split cedar's pointed flame; And the lady's harp would kindle there the melody of an old air, softer than sleep; the villagers mixed their religion up with hers, and, as they listened round, shed tears." P.B. Shelley.

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