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Welsh Master Self-Healed DT Cluster

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Welsh Master Self-Healed DT Cluster
  • Welsh Master Self-Healed DT Cluster
  • Welsh Master Self-Healed DT Cluster
  • Welsh Master Self-Healed DT Cluster
Ethically hand mined Celtic quartz.

Many DT's including 2 Master self-healed. These are seen as the largest 2 DT's, running parallel to each other from top right to centre. They are both over 50mm and easy to identify if you are familiar with this rarest of formations. Layering, very localised curvature and a cloud band in the centre of both crystals clearly show Master self-healed formations.

Stands aesthetically in several positions. A mass of energetic DT's with hardly any matrix. A unique Welsh cluster.

"Another type of self-healed crystal is one which has been broken (exhibiting the break in the horizontal plane, or close to the horizontal strata), with the break being healed and the crystal structure being again complete. This crystal is the master crystal in the art of self-healing." Melody, Love is  in the Earth.


80 x 100 x 60mm,   451 grams

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