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Mongolian Dual Core Blue-Green Generator Laser Quartz

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 Mongolian Dual Core Blue-Green Generator Laser Quartz
  •  Mongolian Dual Core Blue-Green Generator Laser Quartz
  •  Mongolian Dual Core Blue-Green Generator Laser Quartz

Ethically hand mined in Chifeng,  Inner Mongolia.


A unique dual core interior; dark purple amethyst and clear quartz. Not phantoms, but a hexagonal core with alternating colours. The outside is a beautifully elestiated, gemmy blue-green, caused by hedenbergite inclusions.

"The use of laser wands [named wands due to their long, slender shape] during meditation facilitates the establishment of a finer communication with other worlds, the crystalline world, and the inner world of the self. 

"Generators are "THE" quartz crystal for energy generation and for stimulating all portions of the physical, intellectual, emotional and subtle bodies. Natural generators and crystals polished in the configuration of generators have the same properties - they are truly powerful tools for the metaphysician."


"Green quartz is truly a stone of transformative energies, transmuting negative energy to the positive state without releasing it into the atmosphere. It also acts to inspire creativity and to attract success, prosperity and abundance. It promotes an intuitive capability that is coupled with love."

"Hedenbergite when occurring with quartz and amethyst brings together the qualities of these minerals to produce a dynamic stone for meditation, healing and for telepathic endeavours. Melody, Love is in the Earth.


Only a single pocket was ever discovered and we bought half. The pocket is now empty, making these extraordinary crystals seriously rare. 


120mm,   166 grams.


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