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Faceted and Cabochon Natural Gemstones

Gemstones are a pristine natural frequency or vibration so fixed and solid that whenever we want to indicate unmoving reliability and endurance, we say it is set in stone. This vibration is so stable and solid that it is able to act like a tuning fork, resonating with the energies it contacts to encourage harmony, health and positive transformation. The energetic essence of the largest crystals is contained in even the tiniest gemstone.

Although this selection is far from comprehensive, we have concentrated on natural, untreated stones, well known for their exceptional physical and metaphysical properties. Carrying or simply drinking water that the gem has sat in overnight, a gem elixir gives you a steady supply of structured, healing energy combined with the specific properties of that particular stone.

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We have provided the finest ethically mined healing crystals for over 20 years. We always keep in mind how crystals are mined, handled, stored and shipped affects their energy.

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