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Gemstone & Yogi Beads

Emerald Beads

Ethically mined Indian Emerald

Emerald is an excellent Heart Chakra tonics.

"Emerald is known as the "stone of successful love”. It is said to provide for domestic bliss and to instil both sensitivity and loyalty. It can be used to open, activate and stimulate the heart chakra. It is a stone to bring harmony to all areas of ones life.”  Melody, Love is in the Earth.

Length: 90cm / 35"   Bead size: 5mm-8mm 
£ 29.95
Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Ethically mined Lapis  

"Lapis Lazuli energizes the throat chakra. Augments strength, vitality, virility, mental clarity, illumination. Enhances psychic abilities and communication with the higher self. ” Melody, Love is in the Earth. 

Length: 90cm / 35"  

£ 19.95
Natural Sandalwood Beads

Natural Indian Sandalwood beads.

Sandalwood is a calming, cooling, soothing and fragrant wood. It attracts higher vibrations, clarifies perception and promotes a calm meditative state. 


Length: 410mm / 16" Bead size: 3mm 

£ 9.95
Natural Turquoise & Pearl Beads

Handmade with love at Kacha Stones

"Turquoise strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians, and subtle bodies. It actually elevates all chakras and can facilitate attunement between the physical level and higher planes of existence. Primarily stimulates the throat chakra… bringing communication skills to emotional issues, to creativity, and to intuition, while allowing for the application of love in all issues.” Melody, Love is in the Earth.


Length: 48cm / 19"   Bead size: 6mm-10mm
£ 39.95
Rudraksha Mala with Brass Lotus Caps

20% Off - was £14.50/ $18.90

54 large, 5 Mukhi (faces), natural Rudraksha beads with brass lotus caps.

For thousands of years, yogis, mystics and Saivites (followers of Lord Siva) have used Rudrakshas s for japa (chanting mantras), meditation and protection. 
Length: 100cm / 39"   Bead size: 17mm (approx.)
£ 11.60
Topaz Necklace

Handmade with Love at Kacha Stones

A nice long strand of natural and untreated clear Topaz. A potent Crown Chakra gem.

"Topaz is the "crystal of potency”, quite instrumental in visualization, meditation, and in projection. It helps one to absorb that which is needed from the universe.” Melody, Love is in the Earth.

102cm   40"
£ 39.95

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