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Hello! Thank you! I feel it is a pleasure to have found you. I feel so delighted with my new Celtic crystals!! They are exquisite, beautiful to behold and very magical to me. Yes, I can feel the difference and do not want to use anything else now other than hand-mined crystals, and only magical Celtic ones (these are my roots). I will be using them in my future "work". The other stones I have acquired over the years feel like there is a harsh quality to them in comparison. Yours are so powerful, yet harmonizing and delicate in nature.
Helena Prentice (Canada)

Thank you so much for taking great care in handling the crystals. The items was received in perfect condition. I am pleasantly surprised that the actual rutilated quartz cluster looks more beautiful than on the picture. All the crystal points were in perfect shape and the base of the cluster is glittering all over. The whole crystal cluster looks so fresh and alive. I really liked it a lot and will continue to take good care of it. Thanks for the little gifts that comes along with the package. I really appreciate the kind gesture.
Candice (Singapore)

Just emailing to say how pleased I am with my crystals, they are so beautiful! And thank you so much for my free tumblestones, that was very generous of you. As I said, I'm new to crystal healing and I had ordered some other crystals from a different website before I found yours and the energy is completely different - the ones from Kacha Stones feel so happy and content and they are really gorgeous. I had also been looking for a pendulum for about 2 months and as soon as I held the one that I ordered from you, it felt absolutely perfect! I am so delighted with my crystals that I'm just about to place another order with you! Thanks again!
Priya (UK)

Thank you so much. The order arrived today. I really appreciate small businesses and love the way you:
1. Package the product
2. Your receipt
3. The extra stone
4. The whole feeling of the personal approach.
I think it is fantastic and will definitely recommend you and buy from you when I can. Thank you very much and all the best.
Jenny (New Zealand)

I have still not opened all your packages, savoring every amazing bit. There is so much there. (The fragrant wrappings, boxes, and enclosures lay strewn across the table still, the joy in the process so great, a part of beautiful Wales there too! ). Riding the wave of the the Brandenburg "Amethyst Flame Harlequin Enhydro" ( the surprise, the gift from Kacha). Like a lightning strike, I knew it as a gift from Source, direct, Stephen, through you, a unique illuminated communication from the Divine, magnified a million times. I am filled by it, surrounded by it, It continues to lighten and transform from within. And more and more, I am seeing what I see in the Brandenburg, in the things around me. Thank you. Thank you for living Divine Love. and Surrender. and for being a Bridge, With Blessings.
Mary (USA)

Just to let you that my order arrived today. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for your excellent and fast service and also for the tumblestones.
Michael (USA)

Received those pendants, I am very impressed with them. They are beautiful and thanks so much for the green moss agate and amethyst tumbled stones a nice surprise :).
Aoife (Ireland)

This is just to thank you for the beautiful crystal, safely received today, as well as the two surprise tumblestones. It's pleasure to do business with you again.
Veronica (UK)

Thank you very much! I received my order yesterday and AGAIN I am extremely pleased! The energy from the stones I have received is outstanding. I appreciate the quality of your product! Love & Light.
Joellyn (USA)

I got the reverse scepter and the two Brandbergs today - Thank you they are exceptional!
Patricia Weston (Ireland)

Wow !! What speedy service !! Considering I am all the way over the other side of the world in NZ. My gorgeous moldavite necklace and my treasured welsh quartz arrived safe and sound. What a thrill it is for me, of welsh descent but so far from my homeland to now have a beautiful welsh quartz, and ethically mined as well, couldn't be more perfect. I am already scrolling thru the site looking for more ! And thank you so much for the gift of amethyst and tigers eye, the more crystals we have here in earthquake prone Christchurch the higher the vibration can go... Thank you!
Wendy (New Zealand)

Hello Stephen. The Auralite Crystal arrived and is very nice and in perfect condition. Thank you for the excellent customer service. Also thanks for the gift Crystals, very nice.
Michael Rucker (USA)

I have just received my order. Thank you ever so much for the Free Gifts, this was most unexpected and very much appreciated. The bracelets are beautiful and have lovely light summery colours which cheered me up straight away. The Spiral Quartz Generator is also very beautiful and I can't wait to wear this. Once again thank you for the special and excellent service.
Heather Irvine (Wales)

The package arrived safely.  Thank for you the surprise stones - very nice, especially the Brandenburg Amethyst Flame! I had been looking for a Brandenburg crystal. The Auralite Wand is amazing and I sat with it and received a wonderful message. Thanks again - so much!
Kahriana (Canada)

I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the crystals that have arrived so far. They are very high quality and interesting. Even the tumbled stones that come as gifts are very beautiful. Thank you for the great pleasure they bring to me.
Pauline (Australia)

This order has arrived safe and sound, thank you. What a beautiful energy this one has! Thank you also for the lovely Tiger Eye.
Lorraine (Australia)

Just to let you know my parcel arrived yesterday and I am absolutely delighted with the beautiful crystals and your service. Your site is a true treasure trove and every stage of my journey as a buyer has been a joy!
Marianne (UK)

My order arrived today. I appreciate the careful packaging – everything is fine. I especially like the Faden quarts crystal. This caught my attention as soon as I opened your website this time. Interesting how that happens, isn't it? Thanks again for your excellent response.
Kathie Mitchell (Canada)

The crystal arrived today! Thank you for your kind patience in wrapping this crystal to protect its fine, precise point. It made it all the way in perfect condition. The crystal's energy is breathtaking and simultaneously peaceful and exhilarating. I would also like to thank you for the tiger's eye gift. It's funny, I had just given my tiger's eye to my son yesterday and was already missing it's energy. Very cute! All the best to you and your family.
Jo (Canada)

Just a note to say thank you! I have ordered twice from you and have thrilled both times! I am in the United States , I greatly appreciate the quality of your products! The energy from your crystals is amazing! Blessings.
Joellyn (USA)

Just to say thank you for the great customer service and quality of product. I'm very happy with both my recent purchases, including the parcel that arrived today.
Marianne (UK)

I'm speechless...Wow, my Welsh Isis has absolutely gorgeous energy and she's perfect for me. I can't thank you enough for the care and attention to detail that you bring, from packaging each crystal and stone so perfectly, and for all the extra stones you gave as gifts. The Brandberg...! They are all like jewels to me.
Helena (USA)

Just received my beautiful Brandberg Amethyst & SAmoly Phantom Enhydro Window Rainbow Crystal w/Prehnite stone! Awhhh what a beauty!! The lovely energy that I felt coming from the stone is healing, strong, and calming. It arrived in the most perfect time for you see this past Sat. night we lost our beautiful beloved black and white 16+ year old cat Tami. I loved my 2 lovely gifts also Fluorite and Mookite, also great stones to work with during my healing time. The pkg. was done so perfect and everything arrived in excellent condition. I will be back as I am a most satisfied customer thank you again for all you did.
Jeanine (USA)

Just wanted to let you know, the Spectrolite came today -- and what a BLUE FLASH it has! It just flashes everytime I pick it up-- very magical. I was pulling down the metaphysical meanings for Blue Spectrolite and it seems that it melds with the Scorpio sign, which is probably why I was attracted to it for so long! Well, I'm ready for the "magic to begin!" I've just put it on a leather cord so I'm wearing it around my neck, and tonight, will rest it on my "third eye." Many thanks for this wonderful pendant! I'll be back soon for another stone or two!
Mollie West (USA)

I received my order today -what a wonderful package of amazing crystals, thank you sincerely! The Moldavite is actually making me feel dizzy it's so powerful! I teach Wicca classes here in Ireland and I introduce my students to the wonderful magical world of crystals so i I will be advising them all to purchase their crystals from Kacha Stones. Please let me know when the loose Moldavite comes in too. Thank you again and love, blessings and light to you and your family!
Patricia (Ireland)

Just wanted to say I got my package yesterday, THANK YOU!! As ever, I am not disappointed and am privileged to have them in my life!
Marie (Belgium)

Hello! Just a short note to let you know I have received the stones today and am very pleased with them. I particularly love the free gift! The Brandberg is stunning and a very welcome addition to my beloved collection! Many, many thanks!! I have ordered from you before but would like to say again that the loving and careful manner in which all the items are wrapped is very much appreciated :) Best wishes and blessings!
Roberta (USA)

Stephen, thank you, its been a few years since I last ordered..... and so far, I've never been dissatisfied in any way... you have such lovely pieces, I have to put a limit on my spending or there would be smoke coming out of the visa card.
Marie (Italy)

Hi Stephen, I wanted to just write and thank you for the beautiful crystals, they arrived safely yesterday. I also wanted to say thank you for the the lovely gifts, i am wearing the necklace right now. Take care.
Dawn (USA)

I've just taken delivery of my order of two pendants (neither of which have anything to do with Super Seven since I still cant decide on loose crystal or pendant! Ho hum.....). Beautifully packaged and both beautiful in themselves. Thank you so much. I shall have great delight on cleansing, dedicating, programming and them wearing them!!
Deborah (UK)

Aww.. thank you so much for the free gift that you are sending to me .. how wonderful! I am so impressed by the quality not just of your beautiful gemstones, but also their energy. It is clear the love and attention and great respect that you give to these 'living beings'. For sure I will continue to order through your company and will definitely be recommending you to others whom i meet upon my journey. Many Blessings of Love.
Chris (USA)

Received the crystals yesterday, thank you for the fast shipping and the gifts. They are all wonderful and energetic creatures. Just made an order for two others.
Alkistis (UK)

Thank you! I am very happy with my auralite stone. It is indeed a special stone. Thanks again :)
Daphney (Canada)

Thank you Stephen! I have ordered from your site before & always love the crystals I have received ! I can feel the energy as soon as I open the package! Thank you. I look forward to receipt of the Brandenburg!
Joellyn (USA)

Just received my order. Thank you so much! How very kind of you to send with a gift!! I will always recommend you to friends and family!
Theresa Jane Hicks (USA)

I received the stones today. Wow! Thank you for the care you sent them with. I am so happy to have this connection with you and your company. Thank you for the two polished stones you picked for me as well. What a gracious universe we are a portion of! My boyfriend is a Reiki Master Teacher and the Phantom Crystal is a gift for his Scorpio birthday and his healing crystal grid.....he loves it! The crystal chose him. I really look forward to ordering from you again!
Ruth (USA)

I loved the shipment and have recommended your company to my friends and thank you for the freebie. I love the super 7 stone.
Khalilah (Japan)

Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the Brandberg Tantric Twin crystal! It is so beautiful and makes a stunning addition to my collection. :) Thank you for the lovely Brandberg Master Self-Healed crystal, it is very interesting! Have a wonderful day!
Bree (USA)

I received the new set of stones in today's mail. i was so happy to see them! I appreciate your dedication to customer service! I really did have the original box evaluated at the metaphysical church I attend (The Sarasota Cener of Light). I am so delighted that I can attend the Chakra healing classes with a complete set! I will also be happy to recommend your store to those of my friends who are looking for such items. I can't thank you enough...
Joyce Noton (USA)

I want to let you know straight away that the crystals just arrived!!!! I am so happy!!!! I haven't spent any time with them yet, I just unwrapped them and put them aside so I can write you immediately to let you know that they are here now. From what I can see, I love them, of course.
Sophia (USA)

Thank you for the wonderful Auralite 23 Wand .... I absolutely love it. Thank you also for the gift of little crystals and the prompt delivery.
Pauline (UK)

Thank you so much for sharing this! I actually was just, and I mean just a few minutes ago wondering why it is that I am finding these Brandberg crystals to be the most comforting, soothing to my emotions, peaceful crystals of any crystal that I have or have every experienced. Would you say that it is largely attributed to the water in them? I am so loving them, holding them, meditating with them, I sleep holding one or two, I gaze at their ancient beauty and luminosity. I am just in awe of these crystals. Thank you so much. I had a couple of Brandbergs before receiving these from you but the ones I am receiving from you I am so in love with and resonate with so deeply. They are just what the devic doctor ordered for sure!
Sophia (USA)

The Brandberg Amethyst arrived and it's the most beautiful amethyst I've ever seen! I'm quite mesmerized by it. :) Thank you for offering such wonderful crystals in your shop! I'm incredibly happy with all of the crystals I've bought from you and regularly check your website for new crystals.
Bree (USA)

The beautiful Brandbergs have arrived safely today in Heidelberg. Thanks a lot for these lovely gifts, too!
Brigitte (Germany)

I have just opened my crystals and found that you had included a gift of a quartz enhydro - thank you SO much, it was so unexpected and such a wonderful thing to find in my parcel! The crystals are all so beautiful and thanks for the outstanding service.
Priya (UK)

My order arrived safely today. Thank you. They are very special Quartz crystals. Also, thank you very much for the extra tumblestones you sent.
Gail (UK)

The crystals arrived yesterday and I love them!!!!!!!! Please let me know if you ever list other Brandbergs from your personal collection or ones that you feel I may love. Thank you so very much.
Sophia (USA)

I just wanted to thank you so much!! I got my order yesterday, & the Brandberg Quartz crystals are so beautiful. Everything I ordered were a great quality. Thanks for the free gifts! What a nice surprise. You are right about the energy from your stones. Also, when I had a question, you were very helpful and friendly. Thanks again!!!
Geraldine (USA)

Thank you so much, my crystals arrived and they have such beautiful energy. I love the gifts you added. I make essences and sometimes it takes a very long time before a crystal is ready to ‘participate’ often I have to leave them outside on the earth for weeks even months before they re-connect with their –sense of self –. These are all very clear and happy. thanks again!
Ursula Selwood (Ireland 

Hi Kacha Stones Team, I received my Super Seven Pendant and the Garnet Encrusted Manifestation Channelling Smoky Yesterday. They have such a beautiful and stunning energy! And thank you for the gifts of the lovely amethyst and small Celtic quartz. It was very thoughtful of you.
Albert Toy (USA)

I LOVE my Polished Super Seven Silver Pendant! BUT....I love my Celtic Quartz even more to know that it was ethically hand mined! Thank you so much for the free sample of it. It will be well cared for!!
Karren McIntire (USA)

I just received the crystals that I ordered. and wow , can I say that the energy just from the quartz is amazing. I used it on my third eye while meditating and it opened up my third eye right away.. and thank you for the free gift as well... will order more in the future. thanks.
Nora Ashley (USA)

Wow a speckly fluorite! I have never came across one, glad I now own it. Thanks for all your help customer service is top notch. Thanks. 
Craig (Scotland)

Dear Stephen/Kacha team, Thank you, Thank you,and Thank you!!! I received my beautiful stones today and could not be more pleased! Thank you for the wonderful welsh crystals also! I love them! Thanks again!!! 
Brianna Miller (USA)

Just want to inform you that the package has safely arrived this morning and thank you so much for the extra gift. The pendant is lovely and I have it already around my neck. I will keep your shop in my mind, if I need something in the future. ;-)
Chi Yin (Denmark)

Just wanted to let you know I received my order. Thank you so much for the free raw crystal! It’s perfect. My order was a gift and I really wanted a crystal for me. You answered my request without even knowing it. Fate! Thanks. And the crystals were beautiful. Your company is fabulous. I wish you tons of success in 2010!
K. Gidzinski (USA)

I received my order and am delighted with the items. Thank you for the speed & efficiency, I'm wearing (or using the stones) and loving them. If I require ore stones/crystals, I'll definitely be using your company again.
Karen Hall (UK)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome items I received from you. Fast delivery and excellent quality. I appreciated the free gift, I will probably never get to see Wales for myself, so it was special to get a little piece of it, untouched and unspoiled. Thanks again.
S. Wright (UK)

Product matches the catalog exactly. If only there was a rating for exceptional! I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the service I will be recommending them to my friends Thanks again you are one of, if not, the best in the business!
Antoine Hallek (USA)

The pendants have just arrived and let me tell you, I'm very pleased, they are STUNNING!!! (sorry for shouting ;)). The crystals are absolutely lovely and fantastic in energy and the silver work is simply elegant and beautiful, with the open backs to let the energy of the stone flow.I couldn't imagine more perfect jewels for one to wear, my client will be very happy with them as I am too! Thank you very much for all the gifts, I loved the Herkimer diamonds (they are the first ones I've had in my hands!) and the quartz points are gorgeous! :) And until next time,I wish you joyful days with lots of Success and Light.
Sofia (Portugal)

I am just letting you know that the crystals arrived safely today. Thank you. Thank you, also, for the free gift of the Welsh Celtic Quartz point. I am very pleased with all the items and the service you have provided. It feels better to buy Quartz that has been ethically mined. I bought a large Zambian Quartz cluster from a shop on the internet, which when it arrived was so obviously treated so badly and just sawn off it's base. It quite upset me for days and changed my whole outlook when buying crystals. Although I don't think I will buy many, I now feel there is somewhere I can buy from that cares what has happened to them when they have been taken from the Earth.
Gail (UK)

Hello to everyone! I just wanted to say thank you very much for my order, I received it today. It was perfectly packaged, and my stones are beautiful and they arrived in a lovely gift box. Thank you also for the free Welsh Quartz, very much appreciated and a nice surprise.
Melissa (UK)

Wow!!! What a stunning and special Crystal, you've done it again. It is simply beautiful and the ding really doesn't matter. I can be a bit fussy when it comes to things being in perfect condition, but this Crystal is already curing me of that! Its Energy is so pure and fresh, instantly uplifting and soothing. Branbergs are truly unique. Thank you again for such a wonderful Crystal, I am extremely pleased with it. Thank you also for the Welsh Quartz, six was very generous. I particularly like the golden one. Until the next Crystal!
Ross (UK)

Many thanks for sending me so quickly the nice crystals. I have now on me my Green Fluorite Beads. They can be worn also as a bracelet. I appreciate also the nice present, the Celtic Quartz Point.

Dr.Mila (UK)

Thanks! Looking forward to receiving it! Looks beautiful. Very happy with my last order and your customer service.
Lisa (USA)

Just to let you know that the pendants arrived safely today. I am extremely pleased with them. The Angel Wing Agate has such a delicate look and feel to it and the Turquoise one is just perfect. Thank you for the free gift of the raw Welsh Celtic Quartz. I am quite fascinated with it. It feels really beautiful, I may leave it in is raw state.Thank you also for your prompt and friendly service.
Gail (UK)

Thanks again for the difficult guidelines that you uphold to create these talismans. They have certainly assisted me with my karma on my spiritual journey as well as yours for creating such an extraordinary object.
Rebecca (USA)

I received my order yesterday and am so very pleased :) it is a very sweet Celtic cluster! And thank you for the extra Welsh quartz too!
Emma (USA)

I received the crystal cluster and the kyanite blade today. I have to say a huge thank you, the difference in energy is immense! Night and day difference. I swear my chakra stones colours have deepened already and the blade gave me serious goosebumps! I put the Welsh Raw outside at the base of an unusual tree that always receives the morning and evening sun so he's happy out there. He seemed uncomfortable indoors. haha! Thank you so much, you have really redeemed my confidence in your company and I'm now extremely satisfied with my healing stones. Kindest Regards from Japan, have a wonderful Spring!
D.Harte (JAPAN)

I have recently received my order from your company (as promised) along with a very generous gift of a celtic quartz point and stones. I wish to thank you for your generousity and service. You are an honorable business-owner and I will happily order from your company again.
Dina Cuperman (USA)

Received my crystals today, together with my free incense, thank you. For some reason you have sent me 4 crystals, which was a lovely surprise, and they go so well on my Celtic Angel altar. I will try and take a photograph and send it to you. The cluster is just a beautiful as in the photograph on your website. What a little gem and such a lovely energy. I am so pleased with my stones. I am sure that I will be buying more from you in the future. And what speedy service!
Wendy (UK)

Thank you so much! Your customer service skills are extraordinary. I'll certainly recommend your company to others.
Mary (USA)

I just wanted to tell you that I received my crystals yesterday and am absolutely thrilled by their beauty and quality. A special thanks for the pyrite included faery or generator cluster! It is magnificent, very special!
Diana (USA)

Just wanted to let you know the "oil herkimer" arrived today and I am SO PLEASED!!!!! Thank you again and God Bless!
Susan (USA)

The Golden Enhydro we ordered from you arrived safely in very quick time. It came in the post this morning, Tues 18th. We couldn't be happier with the crystal or the speedy service. The power and unique qualities are evident at first touch of the enhydro. It radiated lightas it was released from its packaging! Many thanks and blessing to you.
John & Lyn (Australia)

Just had to reply how impressed I am with the speed my order was! Thank you very much. I'm just beginning my journey with crystal healing and have much to learn. I'm so happy I found your website.
Ann Slater (USA)

The crystal arrived today!!...and it is every bit as stunning as its picture... Fully understand their resistibility of finding a new exciting!! Happy mining - look forward to seeing even more exquisite pieces on your site... Cheers!
Sam (UK)

I received my sweet little golden enhydro Herkimer and I am very happy with it thank you.I also got such a nice surprise to receive a couple of very special Celtic quartz. That was kind and thoughtful. It brought me a little extra magic.
Serena (USA)

I wanted to say thank you very much for my beautiful clusters, they are truly stunning.I'm so glad that I found your site, its wonderful that you take them from the earth without doing all that awful damage like blasting does. Our beautiful mother earth deserves to be treated with utmost respect, so thank you for doing that. Also, would you know of anywhere that I could get tumblestones from people with the same ethics as you? I really want to get my collection started... With love and bright blessings.
Sheri (USA)

Your site is wonderful! I am so happy because i found it. I love the crystals, for this reason i started to study them. Sorry for my english i am from Greece and also a spiritual person. I am interesting for health, energy, inspiration, if is possible! But very simple for all their gifts.
Maria (Greece)

I just wanted to let you know that I received the package today, and I absolutely LOVE the new stone you picked. Thank you so much for your effort and prompt, courteous service throughout! I look forward to shopping at your online store again. Thanks Again!
Dawn (USA)

Thank you for sending the Himalayan Herkimer Golden Enhydro (record keeper!). It is just so beautiful! And also the Celtic quartz (with rainbows in). Just wanted to say thank you for finding wonderful crystals for us and sending them halfway round the world.
Lesley (Australia)

Hello! Your stones have enriched my life! Just in case you wonder what happens to your stones after you have posted them off....... About 5 years ago you crafted a ring for me in lapis with a rune on either side (for joy and protection), according to my Ayurvedic horoscope. You also made a citrine and quartz pendant for my lovely niece. Since then you have sent me a number of items, including a free 'fairy cluster' which I gave to a friend who really loved it. Over these few years my life has transformed out of all recognition. I was utterly miserable, dragging myself through each day when I first contacted you, and now I am just completing my second year of a B Sc in Herbal Medicine and greet every day with joy. Call it psychology or what you will, but I always wear my ring and one of my crystal pendants, study surrounded with several crystals to help me focus, and am convinced that the subtle energies of the stones have augmented my prayers and efforts and brought some very beneficial vibrations into my life. So I just wanted to say 'thank you,' especially to the smith who crafted my wonderful ring. I just wanted to thank you, but let me know your thoughts when you have the chance.
Susan (UK)

I think your site is really interesting! I have been browsing it for over an hour now! Congratulations!! It's definitely a 'feel-good' site & happily reinforces so many things that we know intuitively. Keep up the great work!
Helen Thompson (USA)

About 1 ˝ months ago I purchased a beautiful pendant from your business, I love it and always wear it! I was quite pleased upon receipt, and I really was surprised with extra crystals included with my order! Thank you! I do browse your web site frequently, and have every intention of making another purchase. Thank you again for the beautiful pendant, I was quite impressed.
Debra Many Carson (USA)

Thank you very much for you telephone message and all the emails I have received today. Bigger thanks for the crystals which arrived this morning - just after I left for work! I too live out in them there sticks so well done to the postal service!!
Joanne (UK)

Thank you very much! I can feel alot of peacefrom the Hopper I have. The Japan law I have is like a heart. Thanks again for the information! Your site and your information are wonderful!
Deb (USA)

The crystal arrived today, many thanks for the prompt service and the extra gifts in the package. I hadn't come across Celtic Quartz before.
Louise (UK)

I was very pleased with my black tourmaline, as well as the two extra gifts of rainbow quartz and Chinese coins that I received, as well. I will of course, come back for more...
Isabella (USA)

P.S. It's reassuring to know that your methods of cultivating the crystals, are not harming the environment in any way! Thanks again for finding the Danburite for me. You have a great business. I will definitely be continuing to do business with you. I am thinking about some custom jewlery for christmas gifts.

Bob Campion (USA)

Thank you for the recent crystals. loved them !!! i have ordered more. please could you send me a calcite coated quartz £3.95 as part of the buy 2 get third free?
Debora Homer (UK)

Just to let you know I have received my order, thank-you for the very good and quick service. The wand is brill and so are the little points.
Dot (UK)

I received the package today. What a treat! They are absolutely beautiful... Especially the one I had questioned you about (it has 2 moving bubbles =) Including the extra stones was a very nice gesture as well. At first I thought the order might have been mixed up, so it was a delightful surprise! I'm sure I'll be making another purchase soon. Thanks very much, Stephen. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Derik (USA)


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