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Orange Garnets on Smokey Quartz

Natural smokeys (not irradiated) studded with shiny orange spessartine garnets. Spessartine garnets are beautiful translucent gems with a striking reddish orange colour. This rare and beautiful combination is especially suited to healing the base (smokey) and sexual (garnet) chakras. This powerful natural combination replaces accumulated negative energies with a vibrant, positive alternative. Super energetic crystals.
Smoky Self-Healed Etched Quartz with Garnets

Ethically hand mined in Baotou, Inner Mongolia.

This larger smoky has excellent self-healing, to the point of once again becoming a complete unit. The well-formed garnets have good colour, the largest around 6mm. An ancient crystal of considerable presence and in excellent condition.

Garnet smokeys this size are extremely rare.

The orange garnet smoky combination is the most powerful base and sacral (sexual) chakra combination.

135mm, 601 grams.
£ 195.00 / $ 250.83

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