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Enhydro Quartz

Enhydro is Greek for "water within". These are crystals that contain pockets of ancient, pure water. As water has traditionally indicated the emotions in terms of the 4 elements (earth-body, water-emotions, air-mind, fire-spirit), these crystals can have a profound effect on our emotional well-being.
 Brandberg Amethyst Harlequin Enhydro Star Cluster

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

This stunning cluster consists of two Harlequin Enhydro DT's (both around 40mm), sitting on a little Star Cluster. Negatives, harlequin flecks, water pockets and tiny bubbles are best appreciated with a loupe. Unique and exceptional.

"Brandberg Amethyst attunes to pure consciousness and is the most versatile and multi-dimensional healing tool on the planet, unparalleled in its beauty, energy and light. Judy Hall.
59mm,   25 grams
£ 89.50 / $ 124.64
 Brandberg Enhydro Grounding Crystal

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

Grounding crystals are defined by their 8 sided main face. An easily seen moving bubble makes this an excellent Enhydro. 

36mm,    14 grams
£ 29.95 / $ 41.71
 Brandberg Harlequin Enhydro Twin

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

A bubble, tiny window, Harlequin flecks and a very refined Twin formation.

"Twins facilitate the building of relationships on alllevels, acting to encourage encounters with the soul-mate(s) present duringthis lifetime." Melody, Love is in the Earth.

"If I have to pick my favourite quartz, it would be Brandberg Quartz!  They are magic in a crystal! The Crystal Bible.

40mm,   10 grams
£ 27.95 / $ 38.92
 Omasheko Brandberg Etched Black Phantom Harlequin Elestial DT

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

This is a rare Omasheko Brandberg, from a remote location in the Brandberg range. These unique crystals formed in calcite which later dissolved, creating wonderful etching. The energy amplifying properties of calcite make Omashekos the most physically energetic Brandbergs. 

What at first looks like a smokey is the result of a rare black phantom. Deep calcite growth interference etching, moving bubble, rainbows, tiny red harlequin flecks (best appreciated with a loupe), and a fully intact elestial DT. Unique.

79mm,   132 grams
£ 49.95 / $ 69.56
 Omasheko Etched Golden Healer Enhydro DT

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

This is a rare Omasheko Brandberg Amethyst, from a remote location in the vast Brandberg Mt. range. These amazing Brandbergs formed encased in calcite which later dissolved, creating distinctive beautifully etched DT's. As calcite is above all an energy amplifier, it's no surprise that these crystals, growing in their calcite womb for hundreds of thousands of years, are uniquely and tangibly energetic.

57mm,   67 grams
£ 69.95 / $ 97.42
Brandberg Amethyst Flame Etched Curved Rainbow Enhydro

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

Beautiful lavender amethyst flames. The little keys where calcite has dissolved is a kind of growth-interference where the calcite leaves it's energy amplifying frequencies within the quartz.

"In growth interference quartz the energies of calcite are combined with quartz to bring a powerful healing." Melody, "Love is in the Earth".

"If I have to pick my favourite quartz, it would be Brandberg Quartz!  They are magic in a crystal! The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall

75mm,  95 grams.

£ 95.00 / $ 132.30
Golden Enhydro Herkimer Diamond Quartz Tantric Twin Sceptre Manifestation Crystal

Ethically hand mined in 
Hindu Kush Mts. of Afghanistan

This is a Golden Enhydro Twin, with one of the twins being a well-formed Sceptre/Reverse Sceptre. Inside the broad end of this Sceptre, you can clearly see the tip of a 20mm internal tabby - the rare Manifestation formation. Old damage, now fully self-healed, has partially exposed a tiny portion in this crystals centre. This makes an already unique Manifestation crystal more so. Any old damage is beautifully self-healed resulting in a perfect, multi-pointed DT.

Golden Enhydros naturally form as small Herkimers - bright, stout DT's. They average around 12mm, 6 cts. At 35mm, 77cts, this is the largest we have sold.

35 x 25 x 21mm,  77.4 cts
£ 545.00 / $ 759.00

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