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"Calcite amplifies energy and clears and activates all of the body's energy centers, helps the mind with memory and helps the body to remember its natural state of perfection. " Melody "Love is in the Earth".
Black Phantom Elestial Quartz with Black Tourmaline, Mica & Calcite

Ethically mined Rutilated Quartz

This self-standing South African piece has a rare and energetic combination of crystals. Absolutely unique.

"Black Phantom Quartz Crystals are very unusual. They provide the energy of the quartz, coupled with the property of grounding; this grounding is via the perfect alignment of the physical energy centres." Melody, Love is in the Earth. 


82 x 53 x 45mm,   203 grams
£ 99.95
Calcite Sphere - Large - Special Offer!

Ethically mined Calcite.

Beautiful rainbows and lustre. 

80mm,  700 grams 
£ 65.00

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We have provided the finest ethically mined healing crystals for over 25 years. We always keep in mind how crystals are mined, handled, stored and shipped affects their energy.

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