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Chakra Kits

Chakra Kits help restore harmony and energy to our entire system. Placing the different stones on their corresponding chakras, while relaxing, meditating or simply going to sleep, can have profound effects.
Chakra Kit

A boxed kit with the 7 chakra stones, plus green fluorite and blue kyanite. Clear step-by-step instructions and colour chakra chart to keep things simple.

AMETHYST: 7th, Crown - white, violet - God consciousness, spiritual intelligence.
BLUE TIGERS EYE: 6th, Third Eye - indigo, dark blue - seeing, intuition, comprehension.
: 5th, Throat - light blue - communication, expression, higher self will.
ROSE QUARTZ: 4th, Heart - green, pink - love, surrender, balance, acceptance, devotion.
AVENTURINE: 3rd, Solar Plexus - yellow - will, personal power, emotional energy. "Yellow Aventurine opens and balances the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.
CARNELIAN: 2nd, Sacral - orange - physical vitality, sex desire, earthly emotions. "Helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure." 
: 1st, Base - black - red - physical body, survival, past impressions.
GREEN FLUORITE:  Tonic for all 7 chakras.
BLUE KYANITETonic for all 7 chakras.
£ 12.95
Pendulum in 8 Natural Stones
Pendulums in a choice of 8 vibrant, natural stones. The 160mm (6 1/2") chain has a bead of the same stone type, for easy grip.  
40mm  12 grams (approx.) 
£ 7.95
Pregnancy Crystal Kit - SPECIAL OFFER!

5 Crystals to promote ease in pregnancy and childbirth.

Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Smokey Quartz in a natural jute drawstring pouch.

£ 14.95

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