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Quartz Formations and PropertiesQuartz Formations and Properties

All quartz crystals have 6 primary properties. They are able to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy, which includes matter, thought, emotion and information. Metaphysical quartz formations possess additional properties, based on their geometry and other specific features.
Chakra healingChakra Healing with Crystals

Chakra healing is one of the easiest, most effective and tangible alternative therapies available. You can do it yourself, in your own home and at a fraction of the cost of most other treatments. All you need to start a are a few inexpensive chakra crystals and the information on this page.
Crystal Healing and ArchetypesCrystal Healing and Archetypes

Quartz crystal has a precisely defined natural frequency at which it oscillates, like a tuning fork. Crystal healing means this natural frequency helps to restructure, harmonise our electro-magnetic and physical bodies, restoring order to dysfunctional metabolisms.
Crystal HealingCrystal Healing

Crystal healing, in some form or another, has been recorded by most older cultures. Most had deeply rooted belief systems that supported holistic ideas and methods. However, without this cultural foundation, crystal healing has largely become an area of faith. Here we will briefly look at some aspects of this cultural foundation that previously helped us identify patterns in nature and ourselves that underpinned holistic ideas of healing.
Crystal Healing - Science or Magic?Crystal Healing - Science or Magic?

Quartz crystals have been used in healing and ritual throughout history. One of the seven precious substances of Buddhism, set in the breastplate of the Hebrew high priest in the Bible, power stone of shaman and brain cells of  Grandmother Earth to Native Americans. In the oldest writings on earth, the Sanskrit literature’s of ancient India, quartz crystals are named Bhisma-Ratna, the gem that removes fear.
Mongolian Quartz Dual Core BlueMongolian Dual Core Blue-Green Quartz

Recent mining in the most remote parts of inner Mongolia has produced some of the most different, energetic and genuinely mystical crystals ever to surface. From amazing Sceptres to entirely new quartz types, Mongolian quartz will become a must for those interested in the more esoteric aspects of crystals and healing.
Crystals Healing and NumerologyCrystal Healing and Numerology

Crystal healing is more than pointing stones at people. Crystal healing is the use of the mineral kingdom for holistic health. Holistic refers to the whole person, but this can be categorized into four main areas.  Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These distinct but unified aspects form our experience, in the same way earth, water, air and fire combine to form matter.
Celtic QuartzCeltic Quartz

As quartz from Tibet, India or Brazil has its own unique mood, so does the Celtic quartz of Wales and Ireland. Combined with our unique approach to mining, cleansing and the storage of crystals, developed over the last 20 years, the result is exceptionally energetic healing crystals.
Himalayan Enhydro Crystals

Golden Enhydros, also known as petroleum quartz, are one of the most beautiful, exotic and energetic of all quartz types.  They derive their name from the unique pockets of golden liquid they contain; pure, fluorescent oil. It would be hard to exaggerate the unique beauty and properties of these stunning gems.


Birthstone jewellery, birthstones and specifically designed birthstone talismans can improve health, confidence, relationships, consciousness and finances. Something which has stood the test of time for over 5000 years should not be easily dismissed. 
Chakra HealingChakra Healing

Chakra healing with crystals is one of the easiest, most effective and tangible alternative therapies available to all of us. In addition to that, you can heal your chakras on your own, in your own home and at a fraction of the cost of most other treatments.
Crystals and PyramidsCrystals and Pyramids

Many books have been written on the subject of crystals and their properties, but the underlying principles of why crystals really are Stones of Power are often completely neglected. It may be a mystery, but it's no secret!
Water and QuartzWater and Quartz

Water, the lifeblood of Mother Earth, is much more than hydrogen and oxygen. It is a mysterious, crystalline living entity which nurtures all life on earth. It is a powerful carrier, mediator and producer of energy. It has the ability to link, transform and carry physical elements and subtle energies. Flower and gem elixirs are a good example of the latter. Over 70% of our bodies and the planet is water. The necessity of healthy, structured water cannot be exaggerated.
Vedic AstrologyVedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, or Jyotish in Sanskrit, translates as the "Science of Light", an ancient astrological discipline that originated more than 5000 years ago in ancient India. The rishis (a Sanskrit word meaning "seers"), understood the correlations between themselves, the universe and the Divine. Through deep meditation and transcendental vision, the influence of the planets was realized and recorded. 
Astrology and GemstonesAstrology and Gemstones

The correlation between astrology and gemstones is perhaps the most misunderstood, least used and most often ignored area relating to crystal healing and the metaphysical uses of gemstones.
Tulasi DeviTulasi Devi

In India, one plant is universally appreciated by yogis, mystics and saints of the many and varied spiritual traditions. The botanical name, Ocimum sanctum, (sanctum meaning holy), is used out of respect for an ancient tradition that has a written history of over 5000 years.
Kirlian Photography

The Kirlian camera uses electron cascades to make the electro-magnetic fields that surrounds us visible, in a similar way that iron filings can make magnetic fields around magnets visible. Increasing aura size is significant to those wanting to develop psychically, as like anything else, expanding our senses requires energy and not any energy will do.

The use of colour in healing is not a new practice. Historians have discovered that the Egyptians and Greeks used colour as a healing tool, using a wide array of coloured minerals, crystals, ointment, plasters and dyes to treat those sick in mind or body. Over the centuries, the power of colour was built upon and scepticism conquered.
Organic IncenseTemple Grade Incense

The original aromatherapy, passing crystals through incense smoke will not only cleanse them, but provides an instant and effective method of programming quartz with their aroma therapeutic properties. The essential oil particles in the smoke cling to the crystal to be anchored and amplified for several days.
Agarwood OilAgarwood Oil

Agarwood has many names, above are a few for this resinous, fragrant and highly valuable heartwood produced by Aquilaria malaccensis and other species of the Indomalesian tree genus Aquilaria. The wealth of names for this dark and heavy wood (its Chinese name literally means ‘wood that sinks’) reflects its widespread and varied use over thousands of years.
Dealing with AngerDealing with Anger

Anger needs to be expressed, otherwise it gets bottled up inside it can cause harm or boil over into rage, which is a very destructive emotion. Anger should be expressed assertively - not aggressively - which means speaking in a strong, steady voice, and not shouting. Remember that losing your temper is never a good solution. It may provide temporary relief, but later on you'll feel bad, which can lead to more anger. See our step by step in instructions on dealing with anger.

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