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Chakra Jewellery

Chakras are subtle, dynamic energy vortexes that influence every aspect of our lives. Chakra jewellery resonates with the chakra of the corresponding colour frequency.

7th: Crown: clear, white, violet.  Subtle element: Intelligence.  God consciousness, spiritual intelligence.
6th: Third Eye: indigo, dark blue.  Subtle element: Mind.  Seeing, inner vision, intuition, comprehension.
5th: Throat: light blue.  Element: Ether.  Communication, expression, higher will.
4th: Heart: green, pink.  Element: Air. Love, surrender, balance, acceptance, devotion.
3rd: Solar Plexus: yellow.  Element: Fire. Will, personal power, perseverance, emotion.
2nd: Sacral: orange.  Element: Water. Physical vitality, sex desire, earthly emotions.
1st: Base: red, black.  Element: Earth.  Physical body, survival, past impressions, raw energy. 
   7 Chakra Stones - Silver Yogi Chakra Pendant

7 AAA faceted chakra stones corresponding in colour and order with the 7 chakras. Chakra pendants resonate with the chakra of the corresponding colour frequency to heal, balance and energise for optimum health.

Set with open-backed settings for maximum energy transfer to the wearer. Sterling silver.
Garnetorange zircon, citrine, peridot, blue topaz, iolite and amethyst

42mm,  5 grams
£ 29.95
Chakra Bead Bracelet

Chakra stone bracelet. All stones are natural and untreated. 

Bright chakra stones that correspond with the 7 major chakras. These bracelets resonate with the chakra of the corresponding colour frequency to heal, balance and energise you for optimum health.

190mm   7.5"

£ 4.95

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