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Welsh Crystal - Celtic Quartz

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 Welsh Crystal - Celtic Quartz
  •  Welsh Crystal - Celtic Quartz
  •  Welsh Crystal - Celtic Quartz
  •  Welsh Crystal - Celtic Quartz
  •  Welsh Crystal - Celtic Quartz

Ethically hand mined near Talley Abbey in West Wales (UK) in 2001.

An extremely rare crystal in terms of both location and size. This is one of the largest Welsh crystals I ever dug.

The large metallic inclusion is graphite or oxidised Pyrite.

As quartz from Tibet or Africa has its own special mood, so does the Celtic quartz of Wales. It feels ancient and alive. Combined with our unique approach to mining, cleansing and the storage of crystals, developed over 20 years, the result is highly accessible, high-frequency healing crystals.

There is a measurable increase in alpha (1) brain waves after holding a quartz crystal for half an hour. Over a longer period of time, there is an increase in theta (2) and delta (3) brain waves.
     1.      ESP initiated, healing enhanced; 7 14 cycles per second.
     2.      Deeper state ESP, powerful levels of suggestibility, healing greatly enhanced; 4 7 cycles per second.
     3.      All ESP states awakened, total memory, total suggestibility, powerful healing; .5 to 4 cycles per second. 

95mm  ~  3 3/4"  ~  162 grams


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