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Celtic quartz crystals

As quartz from Tibet, India or Africa has its own unique mood, so does the Celtic quartz of Wales and Ireland. Combined with our unique approach to mining, cleansing and the storage of crystals, developed over the last 20 years, the result is exceptionally energetic healing crystals.

Kacha Stones nestles in the Cyche valley in the ancient Principality of Dyfed, West Wales. The oldest collection of Celtic lore, the Mabinogian, describes this exact location.

Stage 1 - Ethical Hand-Mining

Celtic quartz is ethically and consciously hand mined in relatively small numbers. We take great care to leave the environment completely undisturbed. This is only the beginning of our uniquely holistic approach.
Hand mining Celtic quartzHand mining Celtic quartz
Stage 2 - Cleaning

Just as trees need fresh air and water to produce fruit, crystals have their own needs if they are to produce their many subtle fruits. Our crystal cleaner is a sparkling spring-fed stream, which gently washes away clay, mineral deposits and any unwanted vibrations. Crystals cared for like this, and those blasted out of dying mountains and stuck in crates before gathering dust and subtle pollution in city shops, feel and are energetically very different.

Crystal Shop Forest
Stage 3 - Energise

Our unique location offers us one of the most powerful and purifying pranic sources to fully energise our crystals, a secluded and ancient woodland spring. Spring water has been shown to be full of life-force, chi, ki or prana. This not only provides a pristine and vibrant boost to the crystals but re-aligns them with powerful earth energies originating deep underground. Crystals are more than just another natural resource to be ruthlessly exploited. They are one of the many living beings beyond the understanding of modern science but widely appreciated by many ancient societies. The cultures of the Celts, Aztecs, Mayans, Native Americans and Vedic India are richly interwoven with the Mineral Kingdom.

Crystal Shop Spring
Stage 4 - Storage and amplification

Our quartz does not sit in dust and unwanted vibrations. Grouping on the earth, in the fresh air, rain and natural light is the optimal storage condition for quartz crystals.
Feel the difference!

For those looking for uncommon quartz formations, Celtic quartz has an extremely high proportion of metaphysical formations, including tabulars, elestials, Dows, growth interference, Isis, phantoms, channelling and transmitters, as well as mineral included quartz, such as gold and pyrite.  Many are available in extraordinary combinations that produce truly unique crystals.
Kacha Stones nestles on an idyllic Welsh hillside overlooking the River Cyche. In the Mabinogion, a collection of the oldest Celtic texts, the lower Cyche is where King Arthur hunted the White Hart and the upper Cyche described as the gateway to the Fairy Kingdom.

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We have provided the ultimate in ethically mined crystals for over 25 years. We work with small mines and artisanal miners who dig by hand. Genuinely ethically mined crystals are rare. Feel the difference!

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