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Large Brandberg Quartz Cluster

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 Large Brandberg Quartz Cluster
  •  Large Brandberg Quartz Cluster
  •  Large Brandberg Quartz Cluster
  •  Large Brandberg Quartz Cluster
  •  Large Brandberg Quartz Cluster
Ethically hand mined Brandberg Quartz

This unusually large Brandberg cluster is very unusual and super-energetic. With energy amplifying white Calcite and a black Babingtonite coating.

The Brandberg Massif or Brandberg Intrusion is a granitic intrusion that forms a dome-shaped plateau. It is one of the most ancient of geologies on earth. The area is typical of Damaraland which is littered with eroded mountains, hills and koppies (small hills) which are made up of huge granite boulders. These piles of granite are ancient magma chambers formed billions of years ago through underground volcanic activity. Over the millennia these massive deposits of magma cooled and have been exposed by the forces of erosion revealing the most beautiful, high-frequency ever seen, the Emperor of Quartz.

"Calcite amplifies energy and clears and activates all of the body's energy centres, helps the mind with memory and helps the body to remember its natural state of perfection. A "teaching stone" that not only helps with intellectual learning of the arts and sciences, but also facilitates awareness and appreciation of the creative forces of nature." Melody, Love is in the Earth.

22 x 100 x 95mm,   1355 grams

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