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Brandberg Sceptre Cluster

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 Brandberg Sceptre Cluster
  •  Brandberg Sceptre Cluster
  •  Brandberg Sceptre Cluster
  •  Brandberg Sceptre Cluster
Ethically hand mined Brandberg Quartz

Really more of a single crystal on a matrix, a unique, self-standing piece.

"Sceptres were used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies and were a symbol of the power of the realm; those who carried or wore a Sceptre Crystal were in the position of high priest/priestess. The sceptre brings the spirituality of the higher planes into the healing ceremonies and focuses the energy deep with the heart of the matter. It is an excellent configuration for transmission of directional energy. Melody, Love is in the Earth. 

50 x 40 x 30mm,   42 grams


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