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Chakra healing
Chakra healing with crystals is one of the easiest, most effective and tangible alternative therapies available to all of us. In addition to that, you can heal your chakras on your own, in your own home and at a fraction of the cost of most other treatments. All you need are a few inexpensive chakra healing crystals and the information on this page. Every major civilisation and culture throughout history has recorded the use of crystals for health and personal development.

Chakras are subtle energy vortexes situated along the length of the body. You can't see them, but neither can you see the electricity powering the machine you are reading this on, or the electrical nerve impulses in your brain that allow you to understand what you are reading. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for disc, indicating both their shape and dynamic nature.

The oldest body of knowledge on earth, the Sanskrit Vedas of ancient India, is where Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, astrology and spiritual philosophy originated. The extensive Ayurvedic texts contain a great deal of information on all aspects of natural medicine and clearly describes the chakras; where to find them, what they do and how to heal them. 

The chakras are energy centres that serve as an interface between the gross body, subtle bodies and consciousness. They receive, assimilate and express our vital life force, prana or chi. When they are healthy and working in a balanced way, we experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. When the flow of our vital energy in one or more of the chakras becomes restricted or even blocked, we are unable to experience optimum health.
The chakras
Position Name Colour Healing stone examples Elements and subtle elements Vibrational sound
1st - Base
2nd - Sacral
3rd - Solar plexus
4th - Heart
5th - Throat
6th - Third eye
7th - Crown

Red or black
Green or pink
Light blue
Dark blue
White or violet
Garnet, ruby and black tourmaline
Carnelian, orange calcite and orange garnet
Citrine, yellow jasper and golden calcite
Rose quartz, green fluorite and rhodochrosite
Blue lace agate, turquoise and blue kyanite
Blue tigers eye, lapis and dumortierite 
Clear quartz, amethyst and clear topaz
Earth - Body, survival and past impressions
Water - Vitality, sex desire and earthly emotions
Fire - Will, power, perseverance and emotions
Air - Love, surrender, acceptance and devotion
Ether - Communication, expression and higher will 
Mind - Seeing, inner vision and intuition
God consciousness and spiritual intelligence

Chakra stones
The best crystals and stones are determined by colour and are therefore not limited to those listed above. Any stone of the colour that resonates with that chakra can be used. The most energetic and effective crystals and stones are natural and untreated.

Physical organs and maladies in specific locations can be treated by placing the stones on the closest chakra to that location. An example of this would be using light blue stones like blue lace agate on the throat chakra for throat or neck problems. Chakra stones can also help mental and emotional conditions. An example of this would be using yellow stones like citrine on the solar plexus to ease emotional conditions like depression and anxiety. The above chart gives guidelines on emotional states and qualities governed by each chakra.

There is also a wonderfully positive application of chakra stones, after all, prevention is better than cure. We can strengthen areas of the body and qualities we would like to expand in our lives. Examples of this would be using rose quartz on the heart centre to make us more loving and open-hearted, or blue tigers eye on the third eye to improve intuition and concentration. Strengthening the base chakra improves general vitality and is often neglected in favour of healing "higher" areas.  
A simple chakra healing technique 
Find a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed for at least 10 minutes. Turn off your phone and gadgets. Lie on your back and breathe deeply and slowly as this relaxes the body and slows physiological functions. If certain music or another healing technique relaxes you, include that at this point. Imagine a healing white light entering the body on the in-breath and all stresses and anxieties leaving the body on the out-breath. This prepares your body to receive maximum benefit from the healing vibration of the stones. 

Place each stone on its respective chakra, the location of the chakra and correct colour are shown on the above chart. Sometimes people find this easier with the help of another person, or use tape to hold the stones in position.

As a prelude to meditation or spiritual practice, raise your energies by doing this upwards from chakra 1 (base) to 7 (crown). For general chakra balancing or to just "set you up" for the day, do from 7 to 1. The amplification techniques that follow are an extra and not essential if you prefer to just relax or even snooze. The colour and energy of the stones naturally resonates with each chakra, restoring structure, harmony and balance to your entire system. Physiological change of the gross body can take up to 3 months, so regular use of crystals for this period will produce optimum physical results. Healing our more subtle energy systems can be much quicker.

1 - Place both hands over each stone in turn and visualise healing light, the same colour as the stone, passing from the hands, through the stone and entering into the chakra until you can clearly visualise each chakra as a large, glowing sphere of the appropriate colour.

2 - Place inward pointing clear quartz crystals around each stone. If you have many quartz points, they can be placed around each chakra stone, otherwise around one chakra stone at a time. Quartz naturally amplifies, transmits and structures any energy it contacts. 

Remember to briefly cleanse all your healing crystals in cold running water after each session. Placing them on the earth or a quartz cluster occasionally, preferably in sunlight, will keep them vibrant and pure.

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