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Crystal healing is more than pointing stones at people. Crystal healing is the use of the mineral kingdom for holistic health. Holistic refers to the whole person, but this can be categorized into four main areas.  Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These distinct but unified aspects form our experience, in the same way earth, water, air and fire combine to form matter.  

However, the basic effect of crystals is the same in all four areas, the reorganisation and redirection of unbalanced processes, energies, thoughts and desires.
In relation to our highest selves, spirit, crystal healing would be the revealing of archetypes. Pristine "ideas" of higher structure, function and order. The number and forms inherent in crystals naturally steer the mind towards the perception of structure, function and order, the principles of the Greek Hexad, or the quality of "sixness". This often subconscious reminder of perfection and intelligent design is an antidote to the misconception of chaos.

The Greek mathematical philosophers called six the Perfection of Parts since six is the only number that is both the sum and the product of the same three numbers. (1+2+3=6, 1x2x3=6)

Those numbers that six can be divided by (1,2, and 3), are the only set of numbers where each number divides the sum of the other two. Six is the only number other than ten that can be formed by the multiplication of two different factors other than 1. (6=2x3, 10 =2x5).

But how do these mathematical properties translate to the world around us? Why is 6 material perfection? Let's ask a bee.  
One thing we can see from this is that 6 is efficient. As a number it can do lots of "stuff" extremely well - this holds true when we "see" 6 in action. The optimum number of spokes (i.e. fastest) on racing bicycles was found to be 36 (6x6). Bees found a pot with 6 sides held the most honey with the minimum effort and materials. Industry also uses hexagonal storage systems because it is the most efficient. This is 6 as perfect function. The circle is considered most perfectly segmented and measured at 360 degrees - 6 as perfect structure. Time is dissected into multiples of 6 - 1 minute = 60 seconds, 60 minutes 1 hour, 24 hours 1 day - perfect order.

Much of the electronics industry is based on the qualities of the close-packed silicon atoms of quartz arranged in hexagons. The piezoelectric nature of quartz means pressure yields electricity and electric currents yield regular mechanical pulses, hence, the quartz watch. This indicates that even in the most modern sense, the quality of 6, the Greek Hexad, is associated with perfect order and timekeeping. 

To the crystal healer, this translates as a perfect restructuring of our electromagnetic and physical body and restoring order to dysfunctional metabolisms.

We may not understand all the implications of these things as the ancients did, but we can get a feel for the number and archetype in this way. Six indicates perfect structure, function and order; harmony, balance and turning inward.

Write the number 6, draw hexagons, draw circles and arrange them in patterns of 6, count angles and look for 6 in nature - we are surrounded by information about the archetype, essential nature, of 6 if we know how to look. When we have a feel for the "quality", not quantity of 6, we will be learning to see crystals in harmony with the cosmic design, and best understand their and our place in it.
Golden Ratio Spirals in Nature
Numerology Quotes

"Number is within all things." Attributed to Pythagoras

"There being, then, three figures which of themselves can fill up space around a point, viz...the triangle, square and the hexagon, the bees have wisely selected for their structure that which contains the most angles, suspecting indeed that it could hold more honey than the other two." Pappus (c.300A.D., Greek mathematician in Alexandria, Egypt)

"Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself." Plato

"It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire." Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894, Scottish novelist and poet)

"For the true knowledge of music is nothing other than this: to know the order of all separate things and how the Divine Reason has distributed them: for this ordering of all separate things into one, achieved by skilful reason, makes the sweetest and truest harmony with the Divine Song." Hermes Trismegistus 

For those wanting a simple, practical method see our chakras information. For those wanting an even simpler method, see gemstone jewellery, all you have to do is wear it!      

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