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Golden Enhydros
Golden Enhydros, also known as petroleum quartz, are one of the most beautiful, exotic and energetic of all quartz types.  They derive their name from the unique pockets of golden liquid they contain; pure, fluorescent oil.

Enhydro translates from Greek as water within. These are crystals that usually contain pockets of pure water, mysteriously trapped many hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of years ago. Water has been found in chalcedony, agate and quartz and is usually perceived by the presence of moving bubbles. Very occasionally, the water can be perceived by the movement of floating inclusions, and sometimes there is nothing moving, making the enhydro difficult to recognise. In Golden Enhydros this is never a problem due to the beautiful colour of the oil.
Golden Enhydro - Petroleum Quartz
Golden Enhydro - Petroleum Quartz
These crystals are rare, something confirmed by an oil industry geologist involved in exploration for many years. Kacha Stones was one of the first websites to showcase these extraordinary crystals nearly 20 years ago. After seeing them online, the geologist called to ask if we knew just how rare Golden Enhydros were. He had come across some on his travels in Afghanistan and being a scientist, tested some. He gave the following information. 

"The UV fluoroscope is a standard well site test for natural crude oil in drill cuttings and cores. The colour of crude oil varies considerably (mostly dark brown), but lighter oil can be various shades of yellow. The fluorescence, however, (bright intense yellow-white) is very typical of high gravity (Brent, Azerbaijan, W. Africa) crudes. The fluorescence of the Golden Enhydro Herkimers is very intense with a halo of fluorescence appearing against a dark background."
Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation. It is a form of luminescence. This light crude oil receives a higher price than heavy crude on commodity markets because it produces a higher percentage of petrol and diesel fuel. The essential point in relation to crystals used for healing and personal development is that not only do they contain oil, but it is the purest, highest energy oil. This is the key signature of the Golden Enhydro - energy!

The golden rays of the sun were collected by ancient forests until deep underground, Mother Nature slowly and miraculously transformed that decayed matter back into pure, golden energy.

Whatever minerals are contained in quartz have their energy amplified and structured, producing a more accessible and potent healing frequency than when they appear alone. Even tiny inclusions with quartz are powerfully amplified by the principle of resonance. In addition to that, as their frequency has harmonised with that of its quartz host, it can now be programmed along with the quartz. 
This has far-reaching implications for those working with intention and programming.

Two other defining features can be considered to help us understand the unique healing frequencies of the Golden Enhydro; liquid and colour. In terms of structure the fact that part of these crystals make-up is liquid, as opposed to the "rock solid” structure we expect with crystals. 


Liquid has long been accepted by shaman and mystics of diverse cultures as being associated with the emotions. The four elements have their traditional correspondences:

Earth ~ Body
Water  ~ Emotions
Air  ~ Mind
Fire  ~ Spirit 
Golden Enhydro - Petroleum Quartz
This indicates these crystals are associated with the emotions. As we all now know, emotional health is inseparable from physical health. Even orthodox medicine recognises that our emotional condition has measurable physiological implications. In today’s increasingly stressful world the importance of emotional health is becoming increasingly apparent. In nature, a liquid that cannot move becomes stagnated, just as stagnated emotions produce toxic by-products. Enhydros contain liquid trapped for millennia while remaining clean physically and pure in terms of frequency. 

When we contact these pristine natural frequencies, they act like tuning forks, helping to correct imbalances and deterioration in our own frequencies.


In terms of colour, like liquid, yellow is associated with the emotions, being the colour of the solar plexus chakra. In Sanskrit, this chakra is called Manipura meaning jewel city. The colour gold is also very significant. It represents purity and perfection, hence the saying "as good as gold". Gold is also the colour of spiritual love, shown by the golden effulgence and halos of Deities and saints. This has been consistently represented in the art of many cultures. 

Yellow is the colour ruled by Jupiter, the planetary archetype for expansion and knowledge. The Sanskrit word for Jupiter is guru, which literally translates as heavy with knowledge. Hopefully, the above correlations show how they powerfully influence physical, mental and emotional energy, emotional peace and spiritual knowledge. It would be hard to exaggerate the unique beauty and properties of these stunning gems.
Solar Plexus Chakra

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