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Himalayan Quartz Cluster with Calcite

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 Himalayan Quartz Cluster with Calcite
  •  Himalayan Quartz Cluster with Calcite
  •  Himalayan Quartz Cluster with Calcite
  •  Himalayan Quartz Cluster with Calcite
  •  Himalayan Quartz Cluster with Calcite
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Ethically hand mined Himalayan quartz. 

This huge cluster (the largest we have ever had at over 11KG!), has a thin milky quartz matrix covered in beautifully bright points up to 80mm and large Calcite crystals up to 80 x 75mm.  Hundreds of Himalayan crystals with around a dozen beautifully formed Calcite crystals. These combine to form a cluster capable of raising the vibration of any room. Exceptional.

For many thousands of years, the purified, spiritually potent atmosphere of the Himalayas has been the retreat of mystics and yogis. Himalayan Quartz contains the essence of this mood, holding and amplifying it. 

"Used to promote contact with the ancient cultures of the East, bringing knowledge concerning healing and spirituality to the user. In addition, healing and meditation have both been enhanced. Kirlian photography has shown that, when cleansed, these crystals emanate the total spectrum of colour, and can hence be applied to all energy meridians for stimulation and cleansing and can be used in the healing of all centres." 

"Calcite amplifies energy and clears and activates all of the body's energy centres, helps the mind with memory and helps the body to remember its natural state of perfection. A "teaching stone" that not only helps with the intellectual learning of the arts and sciences but also facilitates awareness and appreciation of the creative forces of nature." Melody, Love is in the Earth.
370 x 300 x 200mm,   11KG    (includes FREE Shipping)

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