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Himalayan Golden Healer Tangerine Quartz Cluster

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Himalayan Golden Healer Tangerine Quartz Cluster
Ethically hand mined Himalayan quartz. 

This beautiful Golden Healer Himalayan cluster is so richly coloured this colour is usually referred to as Tangerine Quartz. Exceptional.

"Golden Healers have been used to incite healing on all levels. It is an excellent stone for use in all healing situations and promotes the recognition of methods and techniques which will further recovery from all disorders. 

"Twins facilitate the building of relationships on all levels, acting to encourage encounters with the soul-mate(s) present during this lifetime." Melody, Love is in the Earth.

160 x 110 x  65mm,    550 grams 

Customer reviews
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Better than expected! Ethically mined crystals like this give a better feeling.
First quality, quick delivery, accurate service, very helpful people. I highly recommend this seller.
Raffaella C.

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