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Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, or Jyotish in Sanskrit, translates as the "Science of Light", an ancient astrological discipline that originated more than 5000 years ago in ancient India. The rishis (a Sanskrit word meaning "seers"), understood the correlations between themselves, the universe and the Divine. Through deep meditation and transcendental vision, the influence of the planets was realized and recorded. So-called intellectuals ridicule something too vast for their limited intelligence and faith, brainwashed by childish notions of "big bangs" and apes standing upright.

The motion of the planets and their positions in relation to each other, acts upon us throughout our lifetime, just as the lunar phases push and pull the oceans and seas.

According to the Vedic science of astrology, the planets and all the stars in our universe represent certain energies, and in fact, emit magnetic and electrical fields. Each planet gives out its own cosmic colour, generating particular energy and influence that radiates throughout the cosmos. The transmission of these vibrations, accompanied by the energy-giving properties of heat, magnetism and electricity, have an influence on the life of every living creature. The location of the various planets during a person's birth can be mapped through an astrological horoscope to give a "blueprint" for every aspect of life. Certain planets will be well-positioned (giving "good" karma"), some will be unfavourable (giving "bad" karma), and some will give mixed results.

Every person's life is, therefore, the result of this cosmic design, a planetary arrangement seen in the sky at the time of our birth, derived from "good" and "less good" actions performed in previous lives.

Vedic philosophy understands that karma is not eternal and can be changed. Astrology should not be used to show the inescapability of karma, as it is a gift to help free us.

There are several ways to balance or enhance our planetary karma. Its methods include gemstones, mantras (sound vibration), yantras (subtle machines), puja (worship), tantra (rituals), herbs and colours. 

Vedic astrology deals with seven visible planets and two invisible ones. These are the two lunar nodes, Rahu (ascending lunar node) and Ketu (descending lunar node). These nodes are the two intersecting points of the solar and lunar planes as seen from the earth.

Nine astrological gemstones, colours and days are associated with these planets. Someone might think that this correlation between the planets and its correspondent gems has no scientific validation and it is perhaps, the result of blind superstition and religious belief.  However, there is scientific truth behind planetary gemology. Specific studies on this subject have shown that the cosmic colour spectrums emanated by the different planets are very similar to the colour spectrums of the correspondent gems. This cosmic colour energy of the planet is reflected in the human body through the gem and creates an effect by absorption and resonance with the gem and its ruling planet.

The 9 Planetary Deities

Planet               Day                                     Colour                                  Best Gemstones
Sunday Red Ruby, Garnet, Pink Tourmaline
Monday White Pearl, Moonstone
Tuesday Ochre Coral, Carnelian, Bloodstone
Wednesday Green Emerald, Peridot, Green Tourmaline, Jade
Thursday Yellow Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, Golden Topaz
Friday Clear Diamond, Clear Quartz, White Topaz
Saturday Blue Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Lapis
No Specific Day No Specific Colour Hessonite Garnet, Orange Zircon
No Specific Day      No Specific Colour     
Cat's Eye, Tiger's Eye   


The quartz crystals used in radio technology are the fundamental constituents of transmitting, receiving and transforming invisible energy into sound. In the same way, the crystalline structure of gemstones attract and condense planetary energies that rain from the sky to earth and transform them for use by the human physiology. By keeping the proper gemstones in touch with the body, profound and significant changes can take place over time. This divine science is again made available to anyone in this age of information and provides a natural, effective method of transforming our lives radically. That which has stood the test of time for over 5000 years should not be easily dismissed.

What influence do the planets have on your life?


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