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Kirlian photography

Kirlian photography has illuminated the subtle energies of many things. With quartz crystals, it has shown that they naturally structure and expand our subtle bodies. Simply holding a small double terminated quartz crystal (a point at both ends), was shown to double the photographable part of the aura.

The Kirlian camera uses electron cascades to make the electro-magnetic fields that surrounds us visible, in a similar way that iron filings can make magnetic fields around magnets visible.

Increasing aura size is significant to those wanting to develop psychically, as like anything else, expanding our senses requires energy and not any energy will do. A plate of fries certainly contains a great deal of energy in the form of carbs, but we also need that energy which feeds our subtle bodies, and the Kirlian photographs show this is just what quartz crystals do.
"The quartz crystal is the connection between the physical dimension and the dimensions of the mind. It can be used to communicate with minerals, plants, animals, and intelligent forces outside the physical dimension. In early times, when all things were thought to be parts of a greater living consciousness, the quartz crystal was believed to synchronize the individual and total consciousness with that of the heavens and advanced life-forms." 

In addition to the general properties quartz possesses, certain types and formations possess additional properties. Visit out quartz formations and properties page to learn more.

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