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  •  Hemimorphite
  •  Hemimorphite

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Ethically hand mined in Namibia 

A stunning turquoise blue hemimorphite with smooth, bubbly, botryoidal crystals in excellent condition and attractive from every angle. These are physically powerful throat chakra stones.

"Hemimorphite provides a symmetry between the physical plane and the other planes of existence, allowing us to grow simultaneously on all planes. Hemimorphite can help us to understand and to utilise the powerful ancient techniques of healing. It was used in ancient times to ward off poisoning malice.  


"Hemimorphite can help us with feelings of hostility and anger, allowing us to see the source of these emotions so we can avoid future uncomfortable situations. It assists us in self-transformation, personal evolution. It can help us to recognize methods which will enable us to fully "know thyself" and to reach our highest human potential. It also emits an energy to encourage us to develop inner strengths and resources to live a joyous and creative life, and to contribute to the well-being of the social structure of all humanity. It is said to bring us "luck", a discerning mind, and a charming manner, allowing us to bring out our beneficial character traits.

"Hemimorphite helps us to take responsibility for happiness or unhappiness and for creating our personal reality.  Melody, Love is in the Earth.

80 x 30 x 35mm,  61 grams


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