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Mongolian Quartz Crystals
Very, very occasionally there's something newly discovered, a new frequency brought to the surface by the benevolence of Mother Earth; Bhumi Devi or Gaia to those aware we are not sitting on a dead rock hurtling meaninglessly through space.

Mongolian Quartz Dual Core Blue
Mongolian Dual Core Blue Quartz
2013 saw many exciting finds from the previously uncharted, at least in mineralogical terms, vastness of Inner Mongolia. One find was a completely new quartz species. If a single crystal is found with special features, it may be considered an anomaly brought about by any number of geological conditions. However, if the pocket contains many crystals with identical previously unseen features, that is a new species. 

Their defining feature is the unique clear and purple core and the elestiated blue-green exterior, the colour a result of Hedenbergite inclusions, has a wonderful satin sheen and texture. 

"Hedenbergite when occurring with quartz and amethyst brings together the qualities of these minerals to produce a dynamic stone for meditation, healing and for telepathic endeavours. Quote from Love is in the Earth, used with kind permission.
The colour change is not the result of phantoms, but a hexagonal core that changes colour one or more times. The exterior is also unique, a blue-green refined elestiation with a tendency to form sceptres. It is translucent, glassy, "moist" and possesses an otherworldly geometric perfection. In addition to their own unique magical properties, they also contain those of hedenbergite, green quartz, amethyst, sceptres, elestials and record keepers.
Mongolian Dual-Core Quartz

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