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Omapeleki Brandberg Enhydro

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Omapeleki Brandberg Enhydro
  • Omapeleki Brandberg Enhydro
  • Omapeleki Brandberg Enhydro
  • Omapeleki Brandberg Enhydro
Ethically hand mined Omapeleki Brandberg Quartz

An easily seen moving bubble near the base of this stunning, subtle Amethyst Flame Omapeleki Brandberg.

Water stores impressions effortlessly, making enhydros the most easily programmed quartz.

"Water is the driving force of all nature." 
Leonardo da Vinci

"Enhydros contain a life-sustaining energy; initiating adaptability in situations which could, otherwise, become stressful. Strength to help other minerals perform in a requisite manner." 

"Enhydros can be used to help one to "put oneself in the shoes of another”, and to both recognize and understand the true feelings of that person. Not being a stone to stimulate sympathy, it supports the empathetic state." Melody, Love is in the Earth.

40mm,    12 grams


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