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Vedic Astrology Gem Profile

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         Vedic Astrology Gem Profile
  •          Vedic Astrology Gem Profile
  •          Vedic Astrology Gem Profile
  •          Vedic Astrology Gem Profile

This easy-to-understand profile enables you to see at a glance the very best stones for you personally and which areas of life they will enhance, be that love, wealth, career...

After you buy the Vedic Astrology Profile, you will be emailed for your date, place and time of birth.

Every detail of your chart is studied by a professional astrologer, this is NOT computer generated. Please allow 48 hours for your chart to be studied.

You will be emailed:


   1. A score out of 10 for your very best 3 planets.

   2. The areas of your life these 3 planets will influence most.

   3. Which gemstones will work best for each planet for you personally.

Should you wish, we can then handcraft a ring or pendant with this gemstone based on the ancient art of Vedic astrology. Mantras and auspicious times to first wear can also be provided.

Your Astrologer:

Jay has been an avid disciple of Astrology for over 30 years. Although conversant with the Western Tropical system, his vast expertise lends itself more to the ancient Vedic Astrological technique, commonly referred to as 'Jyotish' Astrology, the 'Science Of Light'.

More specifically, Jay has focused on the 'System's Approach' to Vedic Astrology, as devised by the illustrious and world famous 'Jyoti', Dr V.K Choudhry, under whose tutelage Jay developed his valuable skills, not least in assessing the appropriate gemstone empowerment for each individual birth chart.


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